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Dr. Chen Cohen

Dr. Chen Cohen
Contact Info

The Open University The Dorothy De Rothschild Campus One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 43107, Israel
Office:972-9-7781785 Email:chencohe@post.bgu.ac.il

Fields of Research
Economic Theory, Game Theory, Contest Theory, Auction Theory.

B.A.Ben-Gurion University – Economics, GPA 90
2001- 2003
M.A. Ben-Gurion University – Economics, GPA 94 Name of advisor: Professor David Wettstein Title of thesis: Principle agent problem
2003- 2007
Ph.D.Ben-Gurion University - Economics Name of advisor: Professor Aner Sela Title of thesis: Allocation of prizes in winner-take-all contests.
M.Sc. Fellowship, Department of Economics, BGU
Ph.D. Fellowship, Department of Economics, BGU
Senior Lecturer, Ashkelon Academic College
Course coordinator, The Open University of Israel
2008 – current
Instructor, The aviation academy, The Israeli Air-force
Instructor,  Department of Economics, BGU
Lecturer, Ashkelon Academic College
Instructor, Department of Communication, Sapir College
Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, BGU
2013 – current
a. Positions in academic administration
Admission Committee head, Ashkelon Academic College.
b. Academic meetings organization
Co-organizer of the third Game Theory conference, The Open University, Raanana 2008
c. Other academic activities
2010- current
Seminar works supervisor,  The Open University
d. Professional consulting
1. Strategic consultant to C.I.A. real estate
2. Auctions and Strategy expert consultant to Zer Maadanim (One of the largest Catering companies in Israel)

Cohen Chen, Aner Sela (2005) “Manipulations in Contests”, Economics Letters, 86, 135-139.

Cohen Chen, Aner Sela (2007), "Contests With Ties", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, Vol. 7, Iss. 1. (Contributions), Article 43.

Cohen Chen, Todd Kaplan and Aner Sela (2008), “Optimal Rewards in Contests” , RAND Journal of Economics, 39 ,434-451.

Cohen Chen, Aner Sela (2008), "Allocation of Prizes in Asymmetric All-Pay Auctions”,  European Journal of Political Economy, 24, 123-132.

Cohen, C., Shavit, T. and Rosenboim, M.( 2012), "The over-weighting of unfair tie in all-pay contest: An experimental study", International Journal of Economic Theory, 8(3), 301-311.

Cohen, C., and Shavit, T(2012), "Experimental tests of Tullock's contest with and without winner refunds", Research in Economics, 66, 263-272.

Rosenboim, M., Shavit, T., and Cohen,C ( 2012),  "Do Bidders Require A Monetary Premium for Cognitive Effort in an Auction?", Journal of Socio Economics, 42, 99-105.

Cohen, C., and Schwartz, M.(2013), "Minimizing Shirking in Auctions and Tournaments", Theoretical Economics Letters, , Vol. 3 No:4, 197-201.

Shavit, T., Rosenboim, M. and Cohen, C (2013), "Does the Color of Feedback Affect Investment Decisions?", International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics, 2(3), 15-26.

A game theory-based approach to assessing the economics of green building in Israel (with Moshe Schwartz and David Pearlmutter).

“Optimal Rewards in Contests,” (with Aner Sela and Todd Kaplan), Theory of Contests and Tournaments at WZB, Berlin in 2005.  

Teaching experience
At the Open University
1. Preference and social Choice*
2. Game Theory (Undergraduate)*
3. Game Theory (Graduate)*
4. Microeconomics Theory A
5. Microeconomics Theory B
6. Introduction to Microeconomics
*  Course Coordinator
At Ashkelon Academic College
1. Microeconomics Theory A
2. Firm Finance
3. Game Theory
4. Business Strategy
At the pilots Academy
1. Microeconomics Theory A
2. Game Theory
At Ben-Gurion University
1. Introduction to Microeconomics
2. Introduction to Macroeconomics
3. Microeconomic Theory A
4. Microeconomic Theory B
5. Business Strategy
At Spair College
1. Introduction to game theory