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Dr. Hava Aldouby, Senior Lecturer

Contact Info

The Open University of Israel Department of Literature, Language, and the Arts One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 4353701, Israel
Office:972-9-778-1581 Email:havaal@openu.ac.il

Areas of Interest
  • Art history
  • Moving-image art
  • Video art
  • Experimental cinema
  • New media art
  • Neuroaesthetics
  • Art-science interfaces
  • Migratory aesthetics

PhD, Department of Art History, Summa cum Laude
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Awarded Allan Bronfman Prize, Hebrew University 2009
Dissertation title: Fellini's Art Historical Hypertext: The Role of Painting in Federico Fellini's Cinematic Discourse (1960s-70s). Advisors: Prof. Haim Finkelstein, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Prof. Yehuda Moraly, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
MA, Department of Art History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dissertation title: Federico Fellini’s Graphic Oeuvre – Sources and Significance. Advisor: Prof. Milly Heyd, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
BA, Magna cum laude, Art History and Theater Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Post doctoral fellowship
2013-2014 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I-CORE Center of Research Excellence - ‘Da’at Hamakom’, Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World
Research project: ‘Medium, Body, Place: Digital Moving-Image Aesthetics, as Related to Contemporary Jewish Experience’
The Open University of Israel; Senior lecturer
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I-CORE Center of Research Excellence - ‘Da’at Hamakom’; Research Associate
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2010-2016 Teaching associate, School of the Arts and MA 
                   program in Cultural Studies
2002-2009 Teaching associate, Department of Theater 
Bar Ilan University, Department of Comparative Literature; Teaching associate
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; Teaching associate
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design; Teaching associate
The Open University of Israel; Teaching instructor
Artistic Director, The Open University Gallery, Ra’anana
 Organizer, international symposium: “New Media and the Arts – Interfaces, Challenges and New Insights”
The Open University of Israel, 23 November 2016
 Initiator and organizing committee member, international symposium: “Haptic Visuality in Video-Art: Neuroscience in Dialogue with Art Theory and Aesthetics”, Hebrew University School of the Arts and Safra Brain Research Center, 9-10 April 2014
 Organizing committee member, international conference: “Autonomy and Anatomy of the Moving Image”, Jerusalem Cinématheque, Bezalel College of Art and Design, and Hebrew University School of the Arts, 7-9 July 2013
 Initiator and organizing committee member, international symposium: "Federico Fellini, Between Life and Fantasy", Hebrew University School of the Arts and Department of Latin American and Romance Studies, 3-4 April 2011
Vigevani Research Project Prize, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2014; with Prof. Amir Amedi, Hebrew University, and Prof. Vittorio Gallese, Università degli studi di Parma)
Israel Science Foundation Publication Grant in the Humanities
Allan Bronfman Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in the Humanities, Hebrew University
July 2015
Curator, Archaeology in Reverse: Phil Solomon. Exhibition of video installations, Hansen House, Center for Art and Technology, Jerusalem.
Curator, The Secret Garden, Jerusalem Film Festival 2015.
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2000-2001 Assistant curator, department of prints and drawings
1998-2000  Freelance associate curator

Federico Fellini: Painting in Film, Painting on Film. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013.

Shifting Interfaces: An Anthology of Presence, Empathy, and Agency in 21st Century Media Arts. Edited by Hava Aldouby, Leuven University Press, in press (publication date March 2020).

Monograph in preparation: Old Masters in a Moving Mirror: Painting in Artists’ Moving Images at the Turn of the Millennium. Under review at Palgrave MacMillan, London.

Guest editor, Arts special issue: “Radicant Patterns in Israeli Art.”
In press, forthcoming Winter 2019

“Fellini's Visual Style(s): A Phenomenological Account", in Frank Burke and Marguerite Waller (eds.), The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Fellini. Forthcoming 2019.

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“Tightrope Walking on the Threshold of Virtual Reality: Phil Solomon’s Filmmaking in Grand Theft Auto”, in Ruthie Abeliovich and Edwin Seroussi (eds.), Borderlines: Essays on Mapping and the Logic of Place. Sciendo (De Gruyter Poland), Da'at Hamakom, 2019, pp. 69-90.

“Courting Absence, Restoring Presence: Ori Gersht and the Moving Image”, in Hava Aldouby, David Chandler, Al Miner and Mae Petra-Wong, Ori Gersht: History Reflecting. Boston: MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) Publications, 2014.

“Re-framing the Still Life: Ekphrasis in Contemporary Video Art”, in Edward Payne and Lauren Barnes (eds.), Copies and Translations: Re-Placing the Original. Forthcoming.

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“Possible Effects of Contemporary Visual Art on the Sense of Embodiment." IDC Herzliya, Symposium: Body, Self, and Other, 11 April 2019

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