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Dr. Naphtaly Shem Tov, Senior Lecturer

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The Open University Department of Literature, Language and Arts One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 4353701, Israel
Office: 972-9-778-1968 Fax:972-9-778-0660 Email: naphtalysh@openu.ac.il

A. Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

2002-2008 Tel Aviv University, Department of Theatre, PhD (direct Ph.D. track) 2008

2000-2001 Tel Aviv University, The School of Education, Theatre Teaching Certificate

997-2000 Tel Aviv University, Department of Theatre, B.A

B. Post-Doctoral Studies

2009-2010 University of Haifa, Faculty of Education

2014-present The Open University of Israel, Department of Literature, Language and the Arts, Senior Lecturer

2007-2014 The Open University of Israel, Department of Literature, Language and the Arts, Coordinator

The Open University

2018-present Chairman of the Subcommittee for the Literature, Linguistics and Arts

2012-present  Member of the Subcommittee for the Humanities

2014-present  Member of the Accreditation of Previous Studies Committee

2015 Member of Committee for Accommodations in National Emergency Situations

2016 Member of the Committee for Setting Student Workload

Tel Aviv University

2012-present Coordinator of the Unit for Theatre Teaching Certificate, School of Education

Supervised post-doc

2018-2019 Chen Misgav, Post-Doc fellowship The Open University of Israel, Department of Literature, Language and Arts


2018-present Co-Convener of the Theatrical Event Working Group of IFTR

2010-present   IFTR (International Federation Theatre Research)

2008-present  Member of the academic committee of The Israeli Society for Theatre


2014   Referee for ISF (Israeli Science Foundation)

2016 Referee for International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE) 2016 Yearbook

2017  Referee of PhD Diss.: Monash University, Australia

2018  Referee of PhD Diss.: Bar Ilan University, Israel

Public Activity

2010-2011 Member of MATAN: The Committee for the Support of Israeli Alternative Ministry of Culture and Sport

2000-2016  Member of Theatre Repertoire Committee of Sal Tarbut Artzi, The
Israeli Association of Community Centers, Ministry of Education

1998-2009  Volunteer in ISEF educational and social activities for pupils and students in the periphery of the country

8-12 July 2019 IFTR Theatre, Performance and Urbanism, Shanghai Theatre Academy, "Repertoire Quality and Reception in Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival"

24-26 June 2019 Images and Realities: AIS conference, Kinnert College, two presentations: "Conceptualizing the Mizrahi Theatre in Israel";
"Acco Festival: Between Celebration and Confrontation"

2-4 June 2019 Mizrahi Studies in Cinema, Tel-Aviv University, "Arie Elias: Between Borekas Cinema and Social Theatre"

20 February 2019 Methodologies of Theatre and Performance Studies, The Open University of Israel, "Methodology of Mizrahi Autobiographical Performance". Organizer the Conference

16-18 December 2018 Association for Jewish Studies 50th Annual Conference, Boston, "Mizrahi Theatre: Five theatrical Modes"

9-13 July 2018 IFTR Theatre and Migration, University of Belgrade, "Mizrahi Autobiographical Performance", Co-convener of the Theatrical Event Working Group

3-4 June 2018 50th Anniversary for Integration Plan, Open University of Israel, "Unwelcome Guests or Familiars: Integration's Pupils"      
30 May 2018 Ethnicity in the Mirror, Bar-Ilan University, "The Israeli-Moroccan Theatre" 

19 February 2018 Present Attitudes in Performance Research, Hebrew University, "From Mizrahi Stereotype to empowering practice" 

2-3 July 2017 Theatre and Education, Tel-Aviv University, "Improvisational Teaching" Keynote speaker

29-31 March 2017 IFTR Theatrical Event Working Group, Amsterdam University, "Contextualize as Politicize"

6-7 February 2017 Motar 2017 Center and Periphery in the Arts, Tel-Aviv University, "Mizrahi Theatre"

13-17 June 2016 IFTR 2016 Presenting the Theatrical Past, Stockholm University, "The Political Context of the Theatrical Event: Politicized Theatre"

22-24 July 2015Arts in Society, Imperial College, London, "Theatrical Improvisation as a Pedagogical Creative Process"

2-4 March, 2015 Rethinking Political Theatre in Western Culture: International Research Workshop of the Israeli Foundation, Tel Aviv University, "The Politicized Theatre"

28 July - 1 August 2014 IFTR 2014 Theatre and Stratification, University of Warwick, "Scandals on the Israeli Stage: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

8-13 July 2013 IDEA (International Drama Education Association) conference, Université Paris 7 – Diderot, "Theatrical Improvisation as a Transformative Teaching-Learning Process"

20-21 February 2013 Dialogues: theatrical performance, research, philosophy, Haifa University, "Black Skin, White Pioneer: Dialogue about the casting in a School Performance"

6-7 February 2012 Re-consideration of the modernist theatre: between utopia to apocalypse, The Hebrew University, "Theatrical reception as construction of subjectivity: the King as a test-case"

14-16 September 2011 Space and Place: Exploring Critical Issues - 1st Global Conference, Mansfield College Oxford, "Arabs' and Jews' Theatrical Co-Performance as Third Space"

26-31 July 2010 IFTR 2010,  World Congress Cultures of Modernity, Ludwig-Maximilians, University of Munich "Theatrical Event and Education: Theatrical Improvisation and Teaching"

14 April 2010 Playback Theatre and the Improvisation Art in Teaching, The MOFET Institute, "To Teach and Learn with Improvisation"

28-29 December 2009 Cultures in Israel: Connections and Conflicts, The Open University of Israel, "From East to East: The Israeli Theatre Occupies India"

7-8 September 2009, Ideology: Between Analytical Tool to Political Signifier, Van Leer Institute, "When Zohar Argov met Louis Althusser: Ideology, Cultural Subject and theTheatrical Event"

4-5 June 2009 Identities in Israeli Culture, The Open University, "The Akko Festival and the Host Community"

19-21 May 2008 24th Annual AIS Conference: Israel 60 years after 1948: Are the Narratives Converging? New York University, "Here? Now? Love? A Co-Narrative between Mizrahis and Palestinians: A Community Theatre of Jews and Arabs in Ramla"

16-18 March 2008 The International Conference of Children and Youth Theatre: Theory and Practice, Haifa University Politics and Ideology in Israeli Children’s Theatre

17-19 September 2007 Between the political and the professional: How is political action possible? Van Leer Institute, "The Exclusion and Inclusion Mechanisms of the Akko Festival Art Management"

3-4 October 2004 Basic Questions about Other Theatre: 25 years of the Akko Festival, Akko, "What is being celebrated and how in the Akko Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre"

30 June 2004 The Third Conference for Arts Education, Tel Aviv University "Improvisation’s Rules as Guiding Principles towards a Multicultural Society in Israel"

22 May 2003 Mainstream and Fringe, Oranim College, "Reception and Criticism: The Akko Festival 1980-1982"

1999-2000 Community-based theatre director, Neve Eliezer Community Center, Tel-Aviv

2000-2003 Community-based theatre director, Kiryat Ono

2001-2003 Teaching theatre history, Arts High School, Ashkelon

2006       Teaching theatre history, Blich High School, Ramat Gan

Dissertation's title: Akko Festival as a Site of Struggle in the Theatrical and Social Fields 1980-2004. Supervisor: Prof. Shimon Levy, Tel-Aviv University, 2008, 390p. (Hebrew)

A. Authored Books – Published

1) Improvisational Teaching. Tel-Aviv: The MOFET Institute, Research Institute for Teacher Educators Press, 2015 (in Hebrew)

2) Acco Festival: Between Celebration and Confrontation. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2016

(Academic review: Susan Bennett, "Acco Festival: Between Celebration and Confrontation. By Naphtaly Shem-Tov. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2016", Theatre Research International 42.2 (2017): 191-192).‏

Study Guides

1) Theatre in Society, The Open University of Israel, 2008

2) (with Dan Urian)  Israeli Theatre, The Open University of Israel, 2007

A. Articles – Published

1) Shem-Tov, N. (2019). "Celebrating of Jewish-Moroccan Theatre in Israel: Production, Repertoire, and Reception", Contemporary Theatre Review 29 (1): 56-70.

2) Gamliel, T. & Shem-Tov. N. (2018). "The Art Intelligentsia: On Possession and Power in the Israeli Theatre", Israeli Sociology: the Journal for the Study of Society in Israel 19(2): 121-144 [Hebrew].

3) Shem-Tov, N. (2018). "Displaying the Mizrahi Identity in an Autobiographical Performance: Body, Food and Documents", New Theatre Quarterly 34(2): 160-175

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9) Dahan, Y., Benjamin, S., Gigi, M., Lir, S., Shemoelof, M. &Shem-Tov, N. (2012). "From the Campus to the Port: Coverage of Strikes and Strikers in Israeli Media", Israeli Sociology 14(1): 29-56 [Hebrew]

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13) Shem-Tov, N. (2009). "The 'Exception" Holds a Stage? The Akko Festival and the Political," Theory and Criticism, 34: 123-147 [Hebrew]

A. Chapters – Published

1) Shem-Tov, N.  (2015). "Improvisational Teaching: From Theory to Practice". In:  Schonmann, S. (ed.)  The Wisdom of the Many - Key Issues in Arts Education: International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education, Münster: WAXMAN publications, pp. 368-371

2) Shem-Tov, N.  (2013). "The Akko Festival as the Third Space". In: Munk, Y., Steir-Livny, L, Meiri,S. & Mendelson-Maoz, A. (eds.),  Identity in Transition in Israeli Culture, a book in Honor of Prof. Nurit Gertz. The Open University Press, pp. 173-190 [Hebrew]

3) Shem-Tov, N.  (2016). "Akko Festival and Multiculturalism: Resistance and Policy". In: Ben-Porat, G., Yona, Y. & Bashir, B. (eds.), Public Policy and Multiculturalism, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, pp. 155-192 [Hebrew]

4) Yona. Y. & Shem-Tov, N. (2016) "The National Theatre in Multicultural Society," In: Ben-Porat, G., Yona, Y. & Bashir, B. (eds.), Public Policy and Multiculturalism, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, pp. 193-224 [Hebrew]

Yossi Dahan, Y. Benjamin, S., Gigi, M., Lir, S., Shemoelof, M. & Shem-Tov, N. (2010). "Grabbing the State by the Throat: Media Coverage of Strikes and Strikers in Israel," Research Report for Identity and Class Research Group, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 2010 [Hebrew] 
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