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Dr. Ron Weidberg

Dr. Ron Weidberg
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The Open University of Israel Department of Literature, Language and the Arts 1 University Road, P. O. Box 808, Raanana 4353701, Israel
Office:972-9-7781976/0671 Mobile:972-52-3593-133 Email:ronwe@openu.ac.il

Ph.D., Musicology, Faculty of Arts, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv
Doctoral Studies in Composition, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, IN
M.Mus., Piano, Northwestern University School of Music, Evanston, IL
B.Mus., Piano and Composition, Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University, Tel-Aviv
Head, School of Music Education, Levinsky  College of Education, Tel-Aviv.
Head, Department of Literature, Language and Arts, The Open University of Israel
The Open University of Israel: Music Team.
Ono Academic College, School of Music: Lecturer of Music.
2008-2009; 2010-2011
The Jerusalem Academy of Music: Guest Lecturer.
Tel-Aviv Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University: Lecturer of Music Theory and Composition.
Hed College of Music, Tel Aviv: Lecturer of Music.
Oranim College of Education, Music Institute, Kiryat Tiv'on: Lecturer of Music.

2004-2011 Member of the Acadamic Committee on the Open University (later, the university's Senate).

2002-2015 Member of the Humanities Sub-Committee, The Open University of Israel.

2005-2006 Member of the Gershon Committee for the regulation of the employment of academic teaching staff at the Open University.

Israel Prime Minister's Prize for Composition (2nd time).
ACUM (Authors, Composers and Music Publishers Association of Israel) Lifetime Achievement Award.
Yoel Engel Prize for Original Composition, for Returning to Tel Aviv CD
ACUM Prize for Year’s Achievement, for Cello Sonata.
Research Fellowship – The Research Fund of the Open University of Israel.
ACUM Composition Prize, for Voyage to the End of the Millennium.
ACUM Composition Prize, for Symphony No. 2.
Israel Prime Minister's Prize for Composition.
ACUM Prize for Composition, for Waiting for Godot (Chamber Opera).
American-Israeli Foundation's Special Stipend for Studying Abroad.
American-Israeli Foundation's Clairmont Composition Prize, for Nine Trumpets.
Tel Aviv Academy of Music 2nd Composition Prize, for Passacaglia for String Quartet.
Tel Aviv Academy of Music 2nd Composition Prize, for Three Pieces for String Trio.
Mofet institute - Directing music teachers' training team.
Ministry of Education, The Arts Wing – Music profession committee.
Israel Institute of Educational Technology – Head of music profession team.
Musical Adviser, Musica Nova Ensemble.
1995-1997; 1999-2001
Chairman, Israel Composers' League
Founder and  Artistic Manager, Music Now (new Israeli music concert series in Tel Aviv Museum of Art). 
Music Reviewer in major Israeli newspapers (Ha’ir, HaAretz, Yedi'ot, Ma'ariv).
Editor, Guitit, Israel's Jeunesses Musicales Magazine.

1. Three Pieces for Piano, 1975, ms.
The composer, Tel Aviv University, June 1976.

2. Three Pieces for String Trio, violin, viola, cello, 1975, IMC 
G. Falka, M. Schwarzbrat, U. Bar-David, Tel Aviv University, June 1976 Academy Composition Prize.

3. Passacaglia for String Quartet, two violins, viola, cello, 1976 ms. 
I. Gronich, U. Samson, Y. Menze, Tel Aviv University, 1977. Academy Composition Prize; Also performed in 1992 by Orion Ensemble, Berlin, Germany.

4.  Five Contrapuntal Pieces for Large Ensemble, woodwinds, brass, strings, 2 pianos, 2 electric guitars, drum-set, percussion 1976, 1977   ms.
2nd movement (for violin and percussion), Northwestern University, 1980.

5. Scherzo for Piano, 1977,  ms. 
The Composer, Tel Aviv Museum, 1979, Young Artist Week, The American-Israel Foundation.

6. Nine Trumpets for Nine Trumpets, 1977, ms.
Trumpet class members, Northwestern University, conducted by the composer, 1980. Clairmont prize, 1982; also performed at Tel Aviv Museum, 1989, Music Now concert no. 2.

7.  Structures for String Orchestra, 1978,  ms.

8.  Ten Piano Pieces for Piano, 1980, IMI,

9.  Lost war, Three Songs after David Avidan, voice, piano, 1980, IMC,
Z. Ornat (soprano), the composer (piano), Tel Aviv, 1983, Part of full Weidberg-Avidan program (in Hebrew).

10.  Dracula, Opera in 3 Acts; libretto by Donald Nier after Bram Stocker, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, 1981 ms. (IMP).
The Greenwich House Theater, NY, 1984 (piano, synthesizer fully staged), B. Anderson, director and conductor  (in English).

11.  Two songs after David Avidan , voice, piano, 1981  ms.
Z. Ornat & the composer, Tel Aviv, 1983. Part of a full Weidberg-Avidan program (in Hebrew).

12. Overture, after Dan Ben-Amotz (Doesn’t give a damn)  a. for 13 Instruments  1982 ;  b. for Chamber Orchestra  1985 , ms.

13. Securities, Seven Songs after David Avidan.  A. voice, piano 1982   B. voice, sixteen instrument ensemble  (in Hebrew). IMC
A. Z. Ornat & the composer, Tel Aviv, 1983;
B. Adi Etzion & Musica Nova Ensemble, Tel Aviv Museum, 1988, Music Now concert no. 1.
Also performed by E. Ben Zaken and Musica Nova Ensemble, Avidanium 2003 concert, Tel Aviv Museum. 

14. Introduction, Chromatic Fugue and Circus Polka, for Eight Pianos, Thirty-two Hands, 1983, IMI.
Arie Vardi - conductor and pianist, 16 Israeli pianists, Jerusalem Festival, 1984.
Commissioned by the Jerusalem Festival; also performed at the opening of the Gina Bachauer Festival and Competition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1988.

15. Pressure poems, Four Songs after David Avidan: No. 1: Lolita; No. 2: Coffee Divination; No. 3: Spanish Music in Winter; No. 4: Vegetative Love. ms. in two versions: Hebrew & English; 
a, voice, piano. 1981-1984. no. 4 (Vegetative Love): Z. Ornat, soprano and the composer, piano, Tel Aviv, 1983.
b. voice, piano, violin, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, 1990 .  Robin Wiesel-Kapsuto, Terri Gabor & Musica Nova Ensemble, (the entire piece):  Khan Theater, Jerusalem Festival, 1990. Commissioned by the Jerusalem Festival.

16.  1984, after David Avidan,  voice, piano, 1985,  ms.
Z. Ornat, soprano and  the composer, piano (in Hebrew)

17. The Automobile, after Chaim Nachman Bialik for Children's Choir, 1985  IMI.
Pa'amonim Children's Choir, E. Yunger - conductor, 1985, Teachers Union House, Tel Aviv.  Commissioned by the Ministry of Education (in Hebrew).

18. Spring, Six Songs after Mordechai Geldman, voice (low), piano, flute, 1985, IMC.
D. Licht, voice, A. Sharon, piano, Marcello Ehrlich - flute, Yuval Club, Ramat-Hasharon, 1987. Musican (Contemporary Israeli Music Festival) concert no. 1 (in Hebrew).

19. Election Campaign Speech for the Presidency of the US of Chinamerica after David Avidan, for Baritone, Woodwind Quintet and Piano, 1985 IMC. (English and Hebrew).
Philip Zawisha (English)- baritone, IU students, Indiana University School of Music, 1986 (in English). Also performed by I. Bornstein (Hebrew) with Musica Nova Ensemble, 1987, Ditrich Henschel (English) with Israel Contemporary Ensemble, Isarel, 1995 and  D. Sebba (Hebrew) with Musica Nova Ensemble, 2003.

20. Waiting for Godot, Chamber Opera in One Act after Samuel Beckett. Woodwind quintet, string quintet, harpsichord, celesta, 1986   ms.
Indiana University School of Music singers (double cast) Nassrin Farukh - director, Wing-Si Yip – conductor. Indiana University Studio Opera Project (in English); Akum prize, 1987

21. Luna Park (=Amusement Park), Suite for Piano, 1986, IMI.
The composer, piano, Tel Aviv Music Library, 1987.

22. Two Fanfares for Bbrass Ensemble, 1986, ms.
No.2: Jerusalem Festival, 1987. Commissioned by the Jerusalem Festival; also arranged for trumpet & piano.

23. Impromptu no. 1 for Piano, 1987, IMC.
The composer, Tel Aviv Music Library, 1989

24. Impromptu no. 2, for Piano, 1987, IMI.
Tel Aviv Museum, 1989, Commissioned as a set piece for the 1989 Rubinstein competition.

25. Impromptu no. 3, for Piano, 1987, IMC.

26. Impromptu no. 4, for Two Flutes and Piano, 1987, IMC.

The Window, Four Songs after Dalia Ravikovitch. A. voice, piano, 1987. B. chamber choir, instrumental ensemble, 1990. Revised 2005, IMI (Hebrew and English).
A. (two songs) D. Licht - voice, A. Sharon - piano, Yuval Club, Ramat Hasharon, 1988 Musican festival no. 2.
B.  Music Now Choir and Players (Tz. Sharet, condudtor), 1990, Music Now concert no. 4. 
2005 revision made for a Berkely University literature dep. Dalya Ravikovich conference (In English)

28. The Heroes of Israel, Two Songs after Rani Analin (age: 11), for Children's Choir, 1987, IMI
Hess School Choir, Petah-Tiqva. H. Analin - conductor, YMCA Hall, Jerusalem, 1987. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education (in Hebrew)

29. Concerto no. 1 for Piano and Orchestra, 1987, IMI
R. Hachamoff - piano, Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, Y. Scharowsky - conductor, 1992, Music Now concert no. 12, Tel Aviv Museum. Based on no. 14.

30. The Soldier of Yesterday after Miriam Yalan Stekelis for Children's Choir, 1988, IMI.
E. Pitlik - conductor, 1988. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education (in Hebrew).

31. Eighteen Easy Pieces for Piano, 1988, IMC, Educational.

32.  Chamber Symphony, for Eleven Instruments, 1989, IMI
Van Leer Players at Music Now concert no. 5, Van Leer House, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Museum, 1990.

33. Luischen, Chamber Opera in One Act after Thomas Mann for Soprano, Tenor and Piano, 1989, ms.
A. Etzion, soprano,Y. Zamir, baritone, D. Parnes, piano, Tzavta, Tel Aviv, 1989 (in Hebrew).

34.  Psalms 73, 74, 75, for Mixed Choir (s, a, t, b), 1990, IMC.
Psalm 73 - Music Now choir, Tzvia Sharet - conductor, 1991 (in Hebrew); also performed by Cappella Nova Choir, Glasgow, Scotland, 1993

35 . Stage Lights, Suite for Piano, Four Hands or Two Pianos, 1990, IMC.
Sara Fuxon-Heiman & Bart Berman, Yuval, Ramat Hasharon, 1990,  Musican festival no. 3

36.  Trio, for String Trio, 1990-1991, IMC
Nitai Zori, violin, Irit Livne, viola, Hilel Zori, cello, Tel Aviv Museum, 1992, Music Now concert no. 10

37.  Variations on a Theme by Mozart, A. piano, violin, clarinet, cello, 1991, B. piano, four hand, 1998, C. piano, violin, oboe, cello, 2000, D. Orchestra, 2002, IMI.
A. N. Zori, violin, A. Arenheim, clarinet, N. Enoch, cello, the composer, piano, in Mozart's 200th Anniversary Concert, Tel-Aviv Conservatory, 1991.
B. New Israeli Duo (Esther Abrahmson and Nina Temkin), 1998.
C. B. Weinstein, oboe, Duo-tone group, 2000, Vix Hall, Rehovot.
D. Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Uri Segal, conductor, Crown Hall, Jerusalem, 2008.

38.  Symphony No. 1,  for Orchestra, 1991,  IMI.
Rishon leZion Orchestra, Noam Sheriff - conductor, Tel Aviv Noga Hall, 1991. (Arr. of no. 32) Commissioned by the Rishon leZion Orchestra

39.  Story Time (Light and Darkness) for Narrator and Orchestra. Text by Nima Karaso, 1991, IMC.
Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, Y. Scharowsky - conductor, D. Volinitz - narrator, 1991. Commissioned by the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra (in Hebrew).

40. Rhapsody, for Orchestra, 1991, IMC
Jerusalem Academy Orchestra, Mendy Rodan - cond., Bet Gavriel, Tzemach, 1993. Commissioned by the Scherover Foundation.
Also performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Joel Levy (in Israel) and Kurt Mazur (in Germany), 2002.

41.  Psalms 1, 2, 3, A. for Children's Choir, 1991, B. for Voice and Guitar, 2010, C. for voice and piano, 2010, IMC.
A. Haro'e School (Ramat Gan) Choir, Jerusalem Theater, 1992. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education (in Hebrew)

42. Milano, Four Songs after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and  Piano, 1991, IMC
S. Eshel, voice, I. Rub, piano, Tel Aviv Museum, 1992. Music Now concert no. 9 (in Hebrew).

43. The Last Interview after Mordechai Geldman. A. for Voice, Flute and Piano, 1993,  B. for Voice and Chamber Ensemble, 1994, IMC (in Hebrew).
A. S. Eshel, voice, M. Gafni, flute, the composer, piano, Jerusalem Khan Theatre, 1993; Commissioned by the International Poetry festival, Jerusalem.
B. Tal Amir, voice, Musica Nova Ensemble, I. Tamir, conductor, Port of Jaffa Loft, 1994.

44.  Symphony no. 2 , for Orchestra, 1993, IMC.
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, David Shalon, condudtor, Crown Hall, Jerusalem, 1995. ACUM  Prize, 1995.

45. Sonatina, for Woodwind Quintet, 1993, IMC
Kaminitz Academy Soloists, Jerusalem Music Center, 1996.

46.  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, 1994, IMC
N .Zori, violin, Kibbutzim Orchestra, Y. Scharowsky, conductor. Commissioned by the Kibbutzim Orchestra.

47. The Story of Rabbi Amnon of Mainz, Cantata for Mixed Choir, Soloists, Organ, Harpsichord and Cello, 1994, IMC
Cappella Nova Choir, Alan Tavener, conductor, Glasgow Academy of Music, 1994 (in English). Commissioned by the Cappella Nova Choir and the Scottish Arts Council. New Vocal Ensemble, Yuval Ben Ozer, conductor, Jerusalem Festival, 1999 (in Hebrew).

48. Josephine the Singer, Text by Idi Etzyon after Franz Kafka for Soprano, Piano and String Quartet, 1994 IMC
A. Etzion, soprano, Musica Nova Ensemble, Tel Aviv Museum, 1994

49.  Three Sonatinas for Piano,1995, IMC
No.1, T.Gvirtzman, Tel Aviv Museum, 2010
No.2, H.Yodan, Tel Aviv 2015
No. 3, R. Hachamoff, Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem,1995

50.  Sonata for Piano, 1995, IMC
The Composer, Yuval Club, Ramat Hasharon, 1996.

51.  The Metamorphosis, Opera in Three Acts after Franz Kafka for Soloists and    Chamber Orchestra, 1996, IMC.
T. Amir, R. Wiesel-Kapsuto, Y. Zamir, S. Keshet, E. Gornstein, Musica Nova Ensemble, M. Sverdlov, conductor, D. Michaeli, director, Acco Festival,1996. With the aid of the Ministry of Education; Festival music and director's prize (in Hebrew).

52.  Sonata for Two Pianos, 1996, IMC.
New Israeli Duo (Abrahmson-Tiomkin) Tel Aviv Museum, 1996.
Arrangement of no. 44.

53.  Toccata for Piano, 1997, IMC
R. Hachamoff, Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem, 2001.

54.  Eye, Six Songs after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and Piano, 1997, IMC.
T. Amir - voice, R. Hachamoff - piano, Tel Aviv Museum, 1998, second Tel Aviv Biennial for new music.

55. Hymn, after Mordechai Geldman for Voice and Chamber Ensemble, 1997, IMC.
G. Dadoon, voice, Musica Nova Ensemble, Tel Aviv, 1998 (in Hebrew).

56. Two Love Songs after Jehuda Amichai. A. for Voice, Piano, 1997; B. for Voice, Orchestra, 1997; C. for Choir and Four-Hand Piano, 1999. IMC.
Commissioned by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (in Hebrew)

57. Voyage to the End of the Millennium, Twenty-Four Preludes and Fugues in all Major and Minor Keys, for Piano, 1997-1998, IMC
A full-cycle performance by N. Tadson, S. Shem-Tov, S. Tal, M. Tal, J. Aner, S. Silver, Gil Garburg, December 26th and 27th , Tel-Aviv Academy of Music and The Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem.

58. Symphony without Surprise, for String Orchestra, 1999, IMI.
Third movement, Jerusalem Music Center Youth Orchestra, 12.12.1999
Commissioned by the Jerusalem Music Center

59. Prelude and Fugue in A for Violin and Piano, 1999, IMC.
G. Hildsheim, violin, R. Hachamoff, piano, Crown Auditorium, 1999.
Arrangement of No. 57/7. 

60. Short Poems, Four Songs after Nathan Zach, for Voice and Piano, 1999, IMC (in Hebrew).

61. Azure, Three Songs after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and Piano, 1999, IMC.
T. Amir, voice, R. Hachamoff, piano, Confederation House, Jerusalem 21.12.1999, Part of a full-evening Weidberg-Geldman program (in Hebrew).

62.  Tuba Quintet, for Tuba and String Quartet. Also for Tuba and String Qintet or String Orchestra, 1999, IMC.
S. Hershko, tuba, S. Bar-Lev and R. Frenkel, violins, A. Yaron, viola, S. Lorain, cello, Enav Center, Tel Aviv, 9.2.2000.
Commissioned by Shmuel Hershko.

63. Cello Sonata, for Cello and Piano, 2000, IMC.
H. Zori, cello, R. Hachamoff, piano, Tel-Aviv Museum, 2001. Part of an All Weidberg concert.

64. Another Poet, Six Songs after Mordechai Geldman for Voice and Piano, 2000, IMC (in Hebrew).
A. Even-Or, voice, R. Hachamoff, piano. Tel-Aviv Museum, 2001, part of an All Weidberg concert.

65.  Prelude and Fugue in G minor  for String Orchestra, 2000, IMC.
Uri Rom, Berlin, Sept. 2000.
 Arranged from No. 57/22.

66. Export, after Mordechai Geldman for Choir and Harp, 2000, IMC (in Hebrew).

67. My Death (Moti), Three Songs after Mordechai Geldman for Mixed Choir, Organ and Piano, 2000-2001, IMC (In Hebrew).

68. Because…, Four Songs after Miriam Yalan-Stekelis. A:  for Voice and Piano, B. for Voice, Violin, Clarinet and Piano, C: for Voice, Violin, Cello, Clarinet and Piano, 2001, IMC (in Hebrew)
B: Sh. Weiss, soprano, S. Tal, piano, G, Hildesheim, violin, O. Orbach, Clarinet, Tel-Aviv Museum, 2001, part of an All Weidberg concert.

69. Lonely Blood, Five Songs after Sigal Eshel for Voice and Piano 2002, IMC (in Hebrew). 

70. Three Passover Songs, Three Songs after Aaron Shabbtai, for Voice, Flute, Violin and Guitar 2002, IMC (in Hebrew).
Fabio Neri conductor, Villa Bettina, Lucca, Italy, 22.6.2002.

71.  Suite (Homage a Telemann) for Piano, 2001, IMC.

72. Mourner’s Songs, Four Songs after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and Piano, 2002, IMC (in Hebrew).
A. Even-Or - voice, R. Hachamoff - piano. Hateiva, Merkazim House, Tel Aviv, 2003

73.   Piano Concerto no 2, for Piano, Percussion and Orchestral, 2000-2003, IMI
R. Hachamoff, piano, N. Sheriff, conductor, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Tel Aviv Museum, 2003.

74. Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano, 2003, IMC
G, Hildesheim, violin, O. Orbach, Clarinet, N. Weintraub, piano. Kfar Blum Festival, 2004.

75. Piano Quartet, for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano, 2003, IMC.
B. Sebaldy-Kohlberg, violin, L. Levanon, viola, S. Magen, cello, A. Sternfeld , piano, Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem, 2004.

76. New Sequence I, Six Songs after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and 2005, IMC (in Hebrew)

77. New Sequence II, Six Songs after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and 2006, IMC (in Hebrew)

78.  Variations, for Piano, 2006, IMC
A. Shoval – piano, Tel Aviv Museum August 2006. Commissioned by Tel-Hai Master Classes Foundation.

79. Hovering at a Low Altitude / The Fruit of the Land, Two Songs after Dahlia Ravikovich. A: for Voice and Piano, B. for Voice, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello and Piano, 2006 IMC  (in Hebrew)
B. B.kol, voice, Meitar Ensemble, Hateiva, Jaffa, 2010

80. Concerto for Two Pianos and String Orchestra, after Unfinished Sketch by S. Prokofiev, 2005-2007 IMC.
The Silver-Garburg Piano Duo, Beer-Sheva Synfonietta , Doron Salomon, cond. 2008 (first movement). The Silver-Garburg Piano Duo and Tel-Aviv Soloists Orchestra, Tel Aviv 2012 (The whole piece). Commissioned by the Silver-Garburg Duo.

81. Piano Trio in one movement, 2007, IMC.
Commissioned by Israel's Composers' League. Educational

82. Lying upon the waters / How Hong Kong was Destroyed , Two Songs after Dahlia Ravikovich. A: for Voice and Piano. b: for Voice, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Guitar (optional) and Piano (in Hebrew), 2008, IMC.
Sh. Dvorin, Soprano and Meitar Ensemble, Tel Aviv 2009.

83. Perpetual Peace, Cantata for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra after Immanuel Kant, J. Amichai, Zelda, Traditional, 2009, IMC.
Sh. Dvorin, soprano, S.Spitzer, baritone, Kibbutz Arzi choir, Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, Yuval Ben-Ozer, conductor. Beer-Sheva, 2009 . Commissioned by the Kibbutz Arzi Choir with the aid of Ministry of Culture.

84. Night Falls on Tel-Aviv, Three Songs after B. Katani, for Voice and Piano (in Hebrew), 2012, IMC.

85. Dance, for Violin and Piano, 2013. IMC.
Y. Barolsky, violin, O. Ytzhaki, piano, Hateiva, Jaffa, 2013. Commissioned by Hateiva (Choreograph-Composer project).

86. Symposium, Opera in One Act after Plato, Hebrew Libretto by the Composer, after Translation by Margalit Finkelberg, for Soloists and Chamber Emsemble, 2013-2014, IMC.
Opera Kamera, Israel Contemporary Ensemble. Director – Dan Ehrlich. Cast: Anastasia Klevan Yael Levita, Edit Zamir, Sharon Dvorin, Einat Aronstein, Yasmin Levy, Bavat Marom, Shira Raz
Jaffa, 2014. Supported by Pais (Lottery) Council for Culture and the Arts and J. Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

87. That for Happiness We Were Created, Three Songs after Nathan Zach.  A, for Mixed choir and Piano, B. for  Mixed Choir, Oboe, String Quartet, 2014  ms. (in Hebrew).
B. Accord Choir, Cond. - Orit Inbar. O. Rave – oboe. Commissioned by Accord Choir, Giv'atayim.

88. Enchanted Bird, Three Songs after Zelda, for Voice and Piano, 2014 ms.
No. 1, Bracha Kol, voice. Written for Hateiva, Birds' Marathon Project.

89. Horn Trio, for Horn, Violin and Piano, 2014, ms.
A. Reuven, horn, M. Dagan, violin, Tal Semnon, piano. Tei Aviv Conservatory, 2015
Written for an Israel Composers' League  project.

90. Robert the Rabbit and Mr. Prokofiev For Narrator and Orchestra. Text; Louis Garb. 2015, IMI (for young people).
D. Ehrlich – adaptor and director. Netanya Kibutzzim Orchestra, Jerusalem Theater, 2016, Dan Rappaport, conductor.
Part of Classilike project, Pais Council for Culture and the Arts.

91. Woyzeck, Incidental Music to Büchner's Play, 2015, ms.
 Staged at the Academy of the Performing Arts, Tel Aviv, January 2016.

92. Night Bus, after Mordechai Geldman, for Voice and Piano, 2015, ms.
Sh. Dvorin, voice, the composer – piano. Jaffa Theater, 2015.

93. Homage a Telemann (suite) for orchestra, 2017, ms.
Arr. of no. 71

94. Your Voice Calling me, Three Songs after Pinchas Sade, for Voice and Piano 2017, ms.

95. Abschied (Preda), Five Songs after Else Lasker-Schüler, translated by Yehuda Amichai, for Voice and Piano 2017-8, ms.
Written for Else Lasker-Schüler project, Hateiva, Jaffa, 2018

96. Songs of the Stream, Five Songs after Leah Goldberg, for Voice and Piano 2018, ms.

IMC - Israel Music Center (MALI), 55  Begin Rd., Tel Aviv
IMI - Israel Music Institute,  55 Begin Rd., Tel Aviv
IMP - Israel Music Publications, 25 Keren Hayesod St., Jerusalem
ms. - manuscript

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Unit 3: Anna Magdalena's Clavier-Büchlein, 1722, 1725 
Unit 4: Wilhelm Friedemann's Clavier-Büchlein, 1720 
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 The Organ Point (with Ron Kolton).
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 The Keyboard Class – Keyboard group teaching for the older beginners – Stage 2 (with Yaakov Wartikowsky) 
The Keyboard Class – Keyboard group teaching for the older beginners – Stage 3 (with Yaakov Wartikowsky)

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Symphonic Experiences

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Unit 5: Major, Minor and Modes.
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 Unit 1: Kavaleria Rusticana
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 Unit 1: The Bonn Period (1770-1792) 
 Unit 2: Viennese Variations (1792-1800) 
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 Unit 4: Years of Crisis and Creativity (1801-1802)
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 Unit 6: Piano Sonatas of the Heroic Decade (1803-1814) 
 Unit 7 :The Orchestral Music (II) 1807-1814 
 Unit 8: The String Quartets (I) 1799-1806 
 Unit 9: Fidelio
 Unit 10: The String Quartets (II) and Chamber Works of Transition Period 1808-1815 (waiting for publication)
 Unit 11: The Late Piano Sonatas and Variations 1816-1822 (in preparation)

Forthcoming: Unit 12: The Missa Solemnis and the 9th Symphony and Book 13 The Late String Quratets.

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 Unit 2: The Tonal System
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 Unit 4: Non-Chord Tones
 Unit 5: Harmonic Connections of Secondary Degrees
 Unit 6: Harmonic Cadences  (in preparation).
 Unit 7: Successions of Chords in Tonal System (in preparation)
Unit 8: 7th  Chords on All Diatonic Degrees (in preparation)
 Unit 9: 9th, 11th and 13th Chords in Functional Harmony (in preparation)
 Unit 10: Expansion of Functional Theory (in preparation)

10743 Harmonic Stuctures, Part B (2010, Unit numbering according to the revised version)   

 Units 1-2: Modulations
 Units 3-4: Minorization and Majorization Processes.  
 Units 5-6: Expansion of Minorization and Majorization Processes.
 Units 7-8:  Farther Minorizations, Majorizations and Enharmonizations.
 Unit 9: Chromatic and Enharmonic Modulations.

Forthcoming: Unit 10: Sudden Progressions and Roving Harmonies.

1. Academic Study Programs Development at the Open University
(As head of the Department of Literature, Language and Arts, 2004-2011)

1. B.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences with Emphasis on Music (approved 2005) - Originator and Head of Team

2. B.A in the Arts, as one-subject study program and as part of two-subject study program (Approved 2012) – Originator and Head of Team

2. Participating in Courses Development

10316 Musical Interpretation and Teaching Methods, Prof. Arie Vardi, Head of Team. (Open University Publication, Tel Aviv, 1981). Units 1-9, assistant and editor (1979) – see also Video and Multimedia Productions.

10113 Introduction to Music, (old) Prof. Noam Sheriff, Head of Team. (Open University publication, Tel Aviv, 1982)
Unit 11: The Music of Claud Debussy (Written by Prof. Noam Sheriff) (1982) assistant and editor.

10233 The Music of Joseph Haydn and the Language of Classical Music, (Written by Prof. Jehoash Hirshberg)  - Units 1-6, assistant and editor.

10251 The Music of Johan Sebastian Bach, Prof. Judith Cohen, Head of Team (1986). (Open University publication, Tel Aviv, 1987)

Unit 5: The Mass in B minor. Revised unit (1986).

10152: A Look at Opera. Academic Supervisor and Creator (1996, see Video and Multimedia Productions) .

10677 Harmonic Stuctures, Part A  (2010, in revision. Unit numbering according to the revised version)   
Unit 1: The Harmonic Preiod (written by Yossi Peles) Academic Superviser

10167 Ear Training (2011)
Units 1-7: (written by Hadas Goldshmit-Halfon) Academic Superviser and co-writer. 

3. Initiatives for writing music courses and supervision as Head of the Department of Literature, Language and Arts  (2004-2011, in addition to already mentioned courses):

19732: History of Western Music, I (Prof. Dorit Tanai and Dr. Yonatan Bar-Yoshafat)

10933: History of Western Music, II (Prof. Bella Brover-Lubovsky and Dr. Yonatan Bar-Yoshafat)

10719: History of Jazz (Yossi Mar-Haim and Dr. Dan Kahan)

10767: Digital Music Notation and Creation (Dr. Shai Cohen)

10785: Popular Music in Israel (Prof. Moti Regev and Merav Meron)

10152: A Look at Opera. Academic supervisor, author, screenwriter and musical director of 5 TV Films, also used at 10441 The Opera (1996)

10316 Musical Interpretation and Teaching Methods. Assistant to Prof. Arie Vardi in writing and editing 13 educational films, based on footage from the Jerusalem Music Center.

1. The first Master Class series (1979) - 13 TV films for the course Musical Interpretation and Teaching Methods, assistant and co-editor.

2. The second Master Class Series (1990) - 16 TV films – co-writer and co-editor.

3. Bach's Keyboards and Games for Two (1982) - 2 TV films for the course From Anna Magdalena to the Inventions – assistant.

4. Baroque movements (1986-7) 5 TV films for the course Music in First Sight, with the Israel Chamber Orchestra – assistant.

5. Talks with Ten Fingers (1990) a set of 10 minutes clips with Arie Vardi at the piano - assistant

10260 From Anna Magdalena to the Inventions. Assistant to Prof. Arie Vardi in writing and editing 2 educational TV movies: "J.S. Bach's Keyboards" and "Games for Two".

10158 Music at First Sight, Stage 2 Assistant to Prof. Arie Vardi in producing "Baroque movements" 5 educational TV movies (1986-7) with Prof. Vardi directing and conducting the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

Not attached to courses:

1. The second Master class series - in writing and editing 16 TV educational movies based on The Jerusalem Music Center newer footage and moderated by Prof. Vardi (1990)

2.Talks with Ten Fingers,  Assistant to Prof. Arie Vardi in shooting a set of 10 minutes clips with Arie Vardi at the piano (1990).

Music at first sight (1984-1988), as writer, and team member. Prof. Arie Vardi – head of team and main supervisor. Project included text-books writings originally intended for high-school music teaching (see above "Music at first sight" academic courses), originating a complete course of keyboard playing and skills for grout teaching, purchasing three complete piano labs (17 keyboards in each class) and implementation of piano class teaching at high schools across the country by means of lectures and workshops mostly during summer conferences of the Music Supervision of the Ministry of Education.  (1885-1990).

 Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony, a study unit in the format of "Symphonic Experiances" (Open University 10164 course). With collaboration with Rishon Le-Zion Symphony Orchestra (2017).

 Dvorak's 9th Symphony ("From the New World"), a study unit in the format of "Symphonic Experiances" (Open University 10164 course). With collaboration with Rishon Le-Zion Symphony Orchestra (2017).

 Jerusalem, Psalms and Agnon, music section, (Discussing 10 subject-related musical works). The Ministry of Education, wing of Arts and the Israel (2016-17).

 Some 100 posts for the  929 project (presentations of musical settings of Psalms), The Institute of Educational Technology (2017), at https://www.929.org.il/author/751

Practical Manual of harmony for high school music courses (in preparation).

Anthology of Western Music Masterpieces, for high school music courses (in preparation).

1. Ron Weidberg - Ra'anana Symphonette Orchestra. Conductor: Yuval Zaliouk; Piano solo: Revital Hachamoff; Violin solo: Nitai Zori.
Including: Piano Concerto no. 1, Violin Concerto, Variations on a Theme by Mozart.

2. Returning to Tel Aviv - 26 Songs after Poems by Mordechai Geldman. Vocalists: Adi Even-or, Tal Amir; piano: Revital Hachamoff; Flute: Rami Tal

3. in  Psanterin, Anthology of Israeli Music for Piano.
Impromptu no. 2, Piano: Natasha Tadson

4. in Between the Songs, Israeli Vocal Music. Voice: Eva Ben-Tzvi; Piano: Natasha Tadson.
Including: The Window, after Dahlia Ravikovich

Seter, Ronit, Weidberg, Ron, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. S. Sadie and J. Tyrrell (London: Macmillan, 2001); also online at http://www.grovemusic.com

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Plavin, Zecharia, Piano Repertory of the 20th Century: A Local Cultural Perspective, in Music in Time, A Publication of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel, Spring 2003, pp.103-144.

Intermezzo with Arik (TV program), Israel Educational Television

שפירא, בת-שבע, מוזיקה ישראלית עכשיו מתוך כהן, יהודה, נעימי זמירות ישראל, עמ' 404-405 (תל אביב 1990)

בהט, אבנר, מוזיקה יהודית, עמ' 419 (ירושלים, בני ברק 2012)

Sonic Design in Jean Sibelius Orchestral Music, 3rd International Jean Sibelius Conference, Helsinki, 6-10 December 2000.

The Emergence of Jean Sibelius's Sonic Approach: From Finnish Folk Music to Sibelius's Late Orchestral Works, 14th Nordic Musicological conference, Helsinki, August 2004.

Comparing the 1915 and the 1919 versions of Sibelius's Fifth Symphony - From sonic experimentalism into functional synthesis, 4th International Jean Sibelius Conference, Denton, Texas, January 2005.

Two Ballades in Sibelius’s Josephson Songs op. 57 , 5th International Jean Sibelius Conference, Oxford, GB, September 2010

Sibelius, Josephson, Näcken and the Nordic Breakthrough, Music and the Nordic Breakthrough: Sibelius, Nielsen, Glazunov, Oxford, GB, September 2015

Sibelius and Schoenberg, 6th International Jean Sibelius Conference, Hämeenlinna, Finland, December 2015

"The Mysteries of Leonard Bernstein's Dybbuk, Jewish music conference at Tel Aviv University, February 2018