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Dr. Mira Banay

Personal Details

The Open University The Dorothy De Rothschild Campus One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 43107, Israel
Office: 972-9-7781987 Fax:972-9-7780671 Email:miraba@openu.ac.il, mirabanay@yahoo.com

Areas of Interest

• Arts in Modern times: 1780-1950
• Contemporary Art and Postmodern Criticism
• Israeli Art

PhD, SUMMA CUM LAUDE. Berlin, Humboldt University, Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar, Philosophische Fakultät III (disputation: 08.02.2012); Thesis: Reevaluation of the Permanent
Site-Specific Artworks Allied with The Dia Art Foundation 1974-2006: Creating a 'Differential Space.'
M.A. CUM LAUDE in Modern Art History, The Department of Art History, Tel-Aviv University; Thesis: Various Representations of the
Gesamtkunstwerk in Kurt Schwitters' and El Lissitzky's Oeuvre.
B.A. in Art History, The Department of Art History, Tel Aviv University

2012   VG Wort reward - Die Förderungs und Beihilfefonds Wissenschaft der VG WORT GmbH – a Grant for the book

2000 German courses at the Goethe-Institut Berlin

1989 Museology studies, Tel-Aviv University.

1982 “A.S.I” (Israeli Librarians Association), Library studies.

1980 State Art Teachers Training College, Ramat Hasharon (now HaMidrasha, School of Art, Beit Berl College).

1977 External Studies of the Technion, Interior Design and Furniture Design Research and further educational endeavors

1994– Present   The Open University of Israel:
1. Aspects of "the Gesamtkunstwerk Idea" in Multimedia Art of the 20th Century, 2017 (an advanced course in modern and postmodern art and culture)
2. Teaching coordinator and head of three Art History courses:  Art in The Technological Era (Introduction to 20th Century Art); Visual Literacy in Art; Aspects of "the Gesamtkunstwerk Idea" in Multimedia
   Art of the 20th Century (seminar).
3. Academic advising in the Art History studying and part of a team, responsible for the development of a multi-media CD-ROM dealing with Art Appreciation.

2018-2016 The Department of Art History The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts Tel Aviv University, Chairwoman of TIAF's Steering Committee.

2017 Literature, Art and Music Dep. Zefat Academic College

1992–1995 The Institute of Technology in Holon, lecturing on Modern and Postmodern Art & Design.

1992 – 2003 “Ascola-Meimad School of Visual Arts”: The head of the Theoretical Studies Department.

1979 –1991 Tel-Aviv Museum of Art; The first 5 years - a bibliographical advisor in the Museum’s Library. In the following 6 years – curatorial Department

2010 Research grant from the Open University for the visit at the Chinati Foundation and the Donald Judd Foundation, Marfa, Texas and Site-Specific Artworks in South-Western U.S.

2005-2006   Research grant for the PhD dissertation from the Open University,Israel.

2005 Research grant from the Open University for research at Dia's Archive in New-York and Beacon.

2000 German Language and Cultural Studies scholarship from the Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv, for a two month stay in Berlin including organized meetings with museum Curators and art historians in Berlin, as well as The Kurt Schwitters  Archive, Hanover.

1989 Tel-Aviv Museum (study fund), professional visit in the curatorial departments of the Museum of Modern Art, New-York and The Art Institute of Chicago.   

June 2017   The Effect of a 'Very Special Relationship' between American Artists and the West German Art Field during the 1960s, in: 12th International Conference on the Arts in Society and the Arts in Society Research Network, Pantheon-Sorbonne University

May 2017 Chairman on Curators and Museums in: (Dis)Place: New Directions in the History of Art in Israel, Tel-Aviv University

May 2016 American Permanent Site-Specific Artworks' Involvement in Land Reclamation, in: 2nd Global Conference: Monstrous Geographies Inter- Disciplinary.Net.

July 2015 Reevaluating Spatial Theory of the Permanent Site-Specific Art in Southwestern United States in the Age of a Networked Society. In:Tenth International Conference on the Arts in Society.

June 2013 Social, political and financial aspects of the Dia Art Foundation support of Site Specific Artworks for the Creation of a 'differential space.' In:Eighth International Conference on the Arts in Society.

February 2010 Walter de Maria, 'The Lightning Field' as a Pilgrimage Site, in: Motar Conference, Tel Aviv University.

February 2009  Barbara  Kruger's "I Shop therefore I am" who is the speaker? Who the addressee? Motar Conference, Tel Aviv University.

March 2015  Dia Art Foundation Adopts Selected Artists – Reality or Utopia, in: The Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

December 2012   Postmodern Art and Sacredness: The Rothko Chapel (1971) and Walter De Maria's The Lightning Field (1977) – a test case. Guest lecture in Dr. Ester Grabiner seminar: "Sacred and Architecture", at the David Azrieli School of Architecture.

November 2011  Visual and Musical Collage, in reference to the American Modernist composer Charles Edward Ives (1874 – 1954), at the Open University.

November 2010  Russian Romance: a lecture series "Constructivism versus Productivism in the 1920s", in Ascolot - School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Open University Israel.

April 2010  Still Life and Food, from 16th century paintings to Ori Gersht, in Ascolot-School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Open University, Israel.

March 2007 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari): Visual Origins, The Tel Aviv Cinematheque and the Open University:

May 2006  On Multi-disciplinary Art: 1909-1933, at the Open University, Israel.

July 2005  On the 'Total Work of Art' in 20th century Art, Beit Daniel, The Open University, Israel.

April 2004 A Structural Profile to the Dia Art Foundation's Naissance, (dept.colloquium) Humboldt University, Berlin.

Mai 2003  Barbara Kruger deciphers social-political messages implanted in Popular culture, (dept. colloquium) Humboldt University, Berlin.

The Making of a New "Differential Space": Permanent Site-Specific Art in America and The Dia Art Foundation 1974-2006, Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag, (published October, 2014).

Aspects of "the Gesamtkunstwerk Idea" in Multimedia Art of the 20th Century, Raanana: The Open University, 2017(1st+2nd part)

Mira Banay, "Reassessing Spatial Theory of Permanent Site-Specific Artworks of the American Southwest, in the Information Age", in: Monuments and Site-Specific Sculpture in Urban and Rural Space, Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler (ed.), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017, pp. 164-192.

"American Permanent Site-Specific Artworks' Involvement in Land Reclamation", Interdisciplinary Press – eBook, 2016.
"The Man who hears Musical Tones of a 'Different Drummer' – In memory of the American artist Walter de Maria who passed away", Erev Rav Magazine, 2013 @ErevRavMagazine. Art and Culture magazine in Hebrew.
"Barbara  Kruger's "I Shop therefore I am" who is the speaker? Who the addressee?" Motar  Journal of The Jolanda and David Katz Faculty of The  Arts, no. 8, December 2011, pp. 63-72.