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Dr. Noga Efrati, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Noga Efrati
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The Open University The Dorothy De Rothschild Campus One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 43107, Israel
Office:972-9-7783336 Email:nogaef@openu.ac.il

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Areas of Interest
  • Social political and legal history of the Middle East
  • Women and gender in the Middle East


Senior Lecturer (Guest)

Senior Lecturer

 Women in Iraq: Past Meets Present (New York: Columbia University Press, 2012)

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 Gender in Iraqi Studies: Trans-local Actors and Knowledge Flows in Comparative Perspective, 6-8 May 2015, Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Philipps-University of Marburg.
Title of proposed resentation: Continuity in the History of Women and Revolutions in Iraq

 "The First World War and its Aftermath: The Shaping of the Middle East," School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, 6-7 December, 2014.
Title of presentation: World War I and its Legacy for Women in Iraq

 "New Trends in the Historiography of the Middle East", The Truman Institute, 19 May 2013. Title of presentation: Nationalism, the Nation-State and Democracy in the Middle East: A View from Iraq.

 "Governing Ethnic Diversity in an Era of Transformation: The Middle East in Comparative Perspective", The Halbert Center for Canadian Studies, the Hebrew University, 10-11 December, 2012.
Title of presentation: The Politicization of Sectarianism in post-Saddam Iraq: Lessons for post-Uprising Middle Eastern Countries

 "American Occupation in Comparative Perspective: Japan and Iraq - Differences, Similarities and Theoretical Implications", on the occasion of the American troops' withdrawal from Iraq, The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, 13-14 March 2012.
Title of presentation: The U.S.–Iraq Security Agreement: Facing Ghosts of the Past.

 "The Middle East in Transition," The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Under the Auspices of the Ruth and Mordechai Abir Foundation, 14-15 March 2011.
Title of presentation: From Nuri al-Sa‘id to Nuri al-Maliki: National Leaders in Iraq

 "Gender, Peace and Security: Local Interpretations of International Norms," The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, The Hebrew University, 10-11 May, 2010.
Title of presentation: International Norms and the Debate over the Personal Status Law in Post-Invasion Iraq.

 "Iraq Today: Between Unity and Disintegration, The Truman Institute, 16-18 March, 2010.
Topic of presentation: The Occupation of Iraq: Social Implications

 "Islamic Law Facing the Challenges of the 21th Century," The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 19-21 October, 2009.
Topic of discussion: Civil Society and Legislation: Developments of the Human Rights Situation in Iran in 2008.

 "Gendered Memories: Cultural Representations, Local Practices, and Transnational Regimes in the Middle East and North Africa," Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin, June 11-12, 2009.
Title of presentation: Unearthing Jewish and Palestinian Gendered Memories: Women‘s Historical Collection and Research Center –Haifa and Nazareth

 "US-Israeli Relations: Perspectives from Jerusalem and Washington," Bar-Ilan University, BESA Center, 6-7 May 2009.
Title of presentation:Viewing US Disengagement: Iraqi Perspectives.

 "The Sunni-Shi‘i Divide in History," Tel Aviv University, The Moshe Dayan Center and the Center for Iranian Studies, 4-5 June 2007.
Title of presentation: Rethinking Sunni-Shi‘i Relations in Iraq: the Conflict over the Personal Status Law.

 "Iraq: Past and Present," University of Haifa, Meir and Miriam Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies 11-13 March, 2007.
Title of presentation: Women under the Monarchy: A Backdrop for Post-2003 Events.

 "Britain and the Middle East," the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, 20-22 June 2004.
Title of presentation: Gender, Tribe and the British Construction of Iraq.