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Yael Sidi , Lecturer

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The Open University of Israel Department of Education and Psychology One University Road P.O.B. 808 Raanana 4353701, Israel

PhD, Cognitive Psychology, Technion - Israel Institute of Technolog
MSc,  Cognitive Psychology , Technion - Israel Institute of Technolog
MA,  Rehabilitation Neuropsychology, Tel Aviv Yafo college 

BA,  Psychology, Haifa University 

Lecturer, The Open University of Israel

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Sahar, T., Sidi, Y. & Makovski, T. (2020). A Metacognitive Perspective of Visual Working Memory With Rich Complex Objects. Front. Psychol. 11, 179.

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Handelzalts, J., Geller, S., Sidi, Y., & Levy, S. (in press). Religion and appearance investment: The mediating role of internalization of socio-cultural pressures, in Jewish Israeli women. Mental Health, Religion & Culture.

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 Sidi, Y., Ackerman, R., & Erez, A. (2018). Feeling happy and (over) confident: The role of positive affect in metacognitive processes. Cognition and Emotion, 32 (4), 876-884 

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 Sidi, Y., Blau, I., & Eshet-Alkalai Y. (2018). Ethical dissonance: What affects digital and analog academic dishonesty of Israeli school students? In: Y. Eshet-Alkalai, I. Blau, A. Caspi, S. Etgar, N. Geri, Y. Kalman, V. Silber-Varod (Eds.), Proceedings of the 13th Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies: Learning in the Technological Era , Raanana: The Open University of Israel

Metacognitive monitoring and control
Metacognition in digital learning
Complex problem solving and text comprehension