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Amir Horowitz, Associate Professor

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The Open University of Israel Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies 1 University Road, P. O. Box 808, Raanana 43107
Office:972-9-7781378 Email:[email protected]

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Areas of Interest
  • Philosophy of mind and cognitive science
  • Philosophy of language
  • Metaphilosophy and experimental philosophy

My main areas of research are philosophy of mind and cognitive science, philosophy of language, and metaphilosophy and experimental philosophy. Occasionally, I engage with philosophy of sport, philosophy of religion, ethics and philosophy of law. I am about to complete a monograph that develops an intentional anti-realistic view; that is, I argue that nothing is (and can be) intentional.
I serve as the head of the OUI philosophy program, and as the head of the OUI PPE (philosophy, political science, and economy) program. In the past, I served as the head of the OUI cognitive science program.

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