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Dr. Dana Kaplan, Senior Lecturer

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The Open University The Dorothy De Rothschild Campus One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 43107, Israel
Office:972-9-7781179 Email:danaka@openu.ac.il

Additional Information

PhD. - Department of Sociology and Anthropology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
MA - summa cum laude. Culture Research, Tel-Aviv University.  
BA - magna cum laude, Communication and General and Comparative Literature, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

2015-2016 - Visiting fellow, Sociology Department (Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries), City University of London

2014-2015 - Ginsberg postdoctoral fellow & visiting fellow, Sociology Department (Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries), City University of London

2013 - Visiting scholar, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, New York

Visiting Scholar - University of Michigan, Department of Sociology
Senior Lecturer - The Open University of Israel, Department of Sociology, Political Science, and Communication and the Program for Cultural Studies. 
Senior taeching faculty - The Open University of Israel, Department of Sociology, Political Science, and Communication. 
Senior fellow - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mandel Scholion Interdisciplinary research center in the Humanities and Jewish Studies 
Teaching faculty - Middlebury College Language Schools, School of Hebrew 
Teaching faculty (coordinator) - The Open University of Israel. Department of Sociology, Political Science, and Communication. 
ISSR (International Society for the Sociology of Religion) best article award (with R. Werczberger)
Ginsberg postdoctoral fellowship, The Hebrew University.
Shaine doctoral scholarship, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, The Hebrew University
2011 - 2014
Doctoral fellowship, The Mandel Scholion Interdisciplinary Research Center in the Humanities and Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Shaine award for best article, The Department of Sociology and Anthropology, The Hebrew University (NIS 2,000)
The Brenda Danet scholarship, Departments of Sociology and Communication, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2008 - 2012
President's Doctoral Scholarship, The Hebrew University

PhD dissertation  Recreational Sexuality, Food, and New Age Spirituality: A Cultural Sociology of Middle-Class Distinctions. 2015, pp. 215, English, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, supervised by Eva Illouz (1 citation).

MA thesis Upper Middle-class Weddings in Israel: Culture Production, Repertoires and Tastes. 2001, pp. 229, Hebrew, Tel Aviv University, supervised by Gadi Algazi (4 citations, grade: 100).

a) Kaplan, Dana and Illouz, Eva. (2022). What is Sexual Capital? Cambridge: Polity Press.

In other languages:
b) Kaplan, Dana and Illouz, Eva (2021) Was ist sexuelles Kapital? Berlin: Suhrkamp (2 citations)
c) Illouz, Eva and Kaplan, Dana (2020) El Capital Sexual en la Modernidad Tardía. Barcelona: Herder Editorial. (11 citations)
d) Illouz, Eva and Kaplan, Dana (2020) Il capitale sessuale. Roma: Castelvecchi.
* Rights sold to Éditions du Seuil (French), Ekdoseis tou Eikostou Protou (Greek), Ginkgo (Shanghai) Book Co. (Chinese), Daidalos (Swedish).

Wasserman, Natan; Weiss, Zeev; Furstenberg, Yair and Kaplan, Dana (Eds). (in progress). Setting Tables: Commensality, Social Boundaries and Inter-Cultural Exchange. Magness Press (Hebrew). 

Kaplan Dana., Levy, Gal., Buzhish Sasson, Heli., Biton, avigail and Kohan-Benlulu, Riki. (2022). A Crisis of (Ir)regularity: Self documentation of families in poverty in Israel. Journal of Poverty and Social Policy (online first). 

Kaplan, Dana, and Wizel Maya. (forthcoming) The transformative process of SLA teachers when becoming doctoral students. Hal'ah, Journal of teaching, learning, quality and assessment in higher education in Israel (Hebrew). 

Kaplan, Dana. (forthcoming) Girl as uncertainty: Representations of Israeli beauties as aesthetic entrepreneurialism. Dvarim (Hebrew).

Kaplan Dana; Levy, Gal; Buzhish Sasson; Heli; Biton, Avigail and Kohan-Benlulu, Riki (2022). Doing family while poor: Agentic hopelessness as lived knowledge. Families, Relationships and Societies. (Q2, 2 citations)

Kaplan, Dana, Mashiach, Rona and Zunder, Roy (2020) The face of the creative class: Photojournalism as serial authenticity. Filosofie Semiotiche, 7(2): 2-28. 

Kaplan, Dana (2020) Porn tourism and urban renewal: The case of Eilat. Porn Studies, 7(4): 459-473. (Q1, 3 citations) 

Breuer, Netali and Kaplan, Dana (2020) “I saw it on that TV show": Israeli girls' perceptions of childbirth. Migdar, 7: 1-21 (Hebrew).

Werczberger, Rachel and Kaplan, Dana (2020) Cosmopolitan spirituality and Jewish authenticity: Spiritual renewal and the middle class in Israel. Megamot 55(1): 139-166. (Hebrew).

Werczberger, Rachel and Kaplan, Dana (2019) Spiritual openness and new-age Judaism: Class distinction in a post-secular age. Israeli Sociology 21(1): 74-98 (Hebrew). 

Kaplan, Dana and Werczberger, Rachel (2017) New Age, new economy, new middle class: Jewish new age in Israel and politics of identity. Sociology 51(3): 575–591. (Q1, 27 citations) 
ISSR (International Society for the Sociology of Religion) Best Article Award.

a) Illouz, Eva and Kaplan, Dana (2018) Sexuelles kapital in der spätmoderne. Der blaue Reiter: Journal für Philosophie, 42: 42-47.
b) Illouz, Eva and Kaplan, Dana (2017) Les formes du capital sexuel. Esprit, 7: 133-144 (Q1, 4 citations) 

Levy, Gal and Kaplan, Dana (2017) The Arab Spring in Israeli media and emergent conceptions of citizenship. Arab Media & Society, 24: 1-18 (Q3, 1 citation).

Lowenstein, Hila and Kaplan, Dana (2016) "I understand the concept but my head still thinks quantitatively": Research epistemologies and students' learning-obstacles of qualitative methodology. Studies in Education, 13-14: 295-314 (Hebrew). 

Kaplan, Dana (2013) Feeding new middle-class omnivores: The simple taste and food distinctions at Israeli weddings. Food, Culture and Society, 16(3): 245-264. (Q1, 32 citations).

Kaplan, Dana and Wizel, Maya (2021) "Mind the Gap": The transformative learning process of second language practitioners when becoming scholars. In Carmo, Mafalda (Ed.). END Conference Proceedings. Lisboa: inScience Press. pp. 260-264.

Kaplan, Dana (2020) Sex and Urban Branding in Tel Aviv: Mobile Images and the Value of Atmospheres. In Narlı, Nilüfer, Torus, Belinda, Aydın, Yönet Neslihan (Eds). The Paradigmatic City (IV): Transforming Cities, Selected Papers Book. Istanbul: Mentora  Yayıncılık  ve  Eğitim  Hizmetleri  Anonim  Şirketi. pp. 43-50.  

Kaplan, Dana (2022) Between ethics and utility: A sociological account of beauty as human value in Holocaust plays. In Guedj, David and Shiff, Offer (Eds). The Holocaust and Us in Israeli Theater. pp. 106-125 (Hebrew). 

a) Kaplan, Dana (2020) Tarjetas postales sexuales en Tel Aviv: Elaboración de estados de ánimo, sexualidad recreativa y atmósferas urbanas. In Illouz, Eva (Ed). Capitalismo, Consumo y Autenticidad: Las Emociones como Mercancía. Katz Editores. pp. 141-166.
b) Kaplan, Dana (2018) Sex cards in Tel Aviv: Mood work, recreational sexuality and urban atmospheres. In Illouz, Eva (Ed). Emotions as Commodities: Capitalism, Consumption and Authenticity. New York: Routledge. pp. 102-119. (3 citation)
c) Kaplan, Dana (2018) Sex-Werbekarten in Tel Aviv. Stimmungsarbeit, Entspannungssex und städtische Atmosphären. In Illouz, Eva (Ed). Wa(h)re Gefühle. Berlin: Suhrkamp. pp. 142-167.  

Kaplan, Dana (2017) Recreational sex not-at-home: The atmospheres of sex work in Tel Aviv. in B. Pilkey, R. Scicluna, B. Campkin and B. Penner (eds.). Sexuality at Home. London: Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 216-231 (3 citations).
* (2020) re-published by Routledge. 

Kaplan, Dana (2017) Beautiful Israeli girls: Between being in the present and future unpredictability. In Elias, Ana Sofia, Gill, Rosalind and Scharff, Christina (Eds.) Aesthetic Labour: Rethinking Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism. London: Palgrave. pp. 369-384 (1 citation). 

Kaplan, Dana (2011) Sexual liberation and the creative class in Israel. In Seidman, Steven, Fisher, Nancy and Meeks, Chet (Eds.). Introducing the New Sexuality Studies (2d edition). London: Routledge. pp. 357-363 (11 citations).
* (2016) Reprinted in the 3rd edition.

Levy, Gal and Kaplan, Dana (2021) Poverty: The Corona Lexicon. Adva Center and Israeli Sociology, 21(2): 148-149. (Hebrew)

Kaplan, Dana et al. (2011) Sexuality. in Tamir, Tal (Ed). Women and Their Bodies - Our Bodies, Health and Sexuality. Tel-Aviv: Modan (the revised Hebrew edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves). pp. 282-320.

2022 - Gender: Culture and Identity (MA seminar): Updated the edited reader, wrote an updated study guide. 

2017 - Food, Culture and Society (BA seminar): Reviewer.

2013 – 2020 - Communication: Technology, Society and Culture (BA): Co-editor of the reader, critical reader of the textbook.  

2009 – Pierre Bourdieu – Taste, Cultural Capital and the Arts: Assistant. 

2008 - Politics of Citizenship: Assistant.  

2007-2008 - Mass Media in Israel: Reviewer, assistant.  

2006-2008 - Communication: Technology, Society and Culture: Contributing author, scientific editor, and reviewer.