Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow

An international conference hosted by the

 Environmental and Sustainability Research Center

Open University, Raanana, Israel

Thursday February 22nd, 2024

Against the backdrop of growth in global urban populations, and acknowledgement of the key role of cities, city dwellers, and city leaders in advancing sustainability, there is an urgent need for research into how cities can be more sustainable, and on urban policies and practices that contribute to tackling the climate and ecological crises at the urban level and beyond.

The Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow conference seeks to engage with questions surrounding the role of cities in supporting a more sustainable future. What expression do cities give to the social, political, economic and technological aspects of sustainability? Can cities prevail where states and international initiatives have failed? Which measures that are advanced today will determine the sustainability of cities tomorrow?

The complexity of urban sustainability, drawing knowledge from a range of fields within the earth and human sciences, necessitates a multi-disciplinary dialogue that builds on international themes while also expanding locally specific knowledge.

Conference Dates: 22 February 2024 in Raanana Israel

Early Career Researcher Workshop: 20-21 February 2024 in Raanana Israel

Looking forward to your participation!

Dr. Orr Karassin, Chair of the Environmental and Sustainability Research Center in the Open University and Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee