The Open University of Israel


English Department

Course levels

The English Departmentís courses in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) teach students to become effective readers of academic texts in English.

These courses focus on improving reading comprehension and include instruction of:

  • reading comprehension strategies
  • words which appear frequently in academic texts.
  • rhetorical structures and discourse patterns in academic texts.
  • grammatical structures which aid comprehension.
  • critical evaluation skills.

Description of course levels

  • Six course levels are offered - from pre-beginnerís level (for students who have a basic mastery of the English alphabet) to advanced level (for students who are required to read authentic academic texts in their specific discipline areas).
  • Advanced or exit-level courses are differentiated according to disciplines and are offered to students who study exact sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities.
  • Courses from pre-beginnerís to advanced levels focus on general academic vocabulary.
  • Studentsí appropriate course level is determined by a placement test.
  • Courses "spiral through" a set of core competencies across the levels to give students the knowledge, strategies and skills they need to cope with academic texts in English.
  • At all course levels, delivery modes include synchronous, asynchronous and blended learning via the internet as well as conventional classroom options.