Code and software tools


  • New! FaceExpressionNet (ExpNet)
    Deep models and code for estimating the expression bases for a 3D face shape directly from image intensities and without the use of facial landmark detectors.
  • FacePoseNet
    Deep, direct estimation of 6 degrees of freedom head pose for 2D and 3D face alignment. The Python code also includes fast rendering for new view synthesis of face photos to three poses, including frontalization.
  • Temporal Tessellation
    A Unified Approach for Video Analysis shown obtain state of the art results in video captioning (LSMDC’16 benchmark), video summarization (SumMe and TVSum benchmarks), and Temporal Action Detection (Thumos2014 benchmark).
  • The LATCH binary descriptor
    The Learned Arrangements of Three Patch Codes (LATCH) Local binary descriptor, implemented as part of OpenCV 3.0.
  • Scale propagation
    For scale-invariant dense correspondence estimation across images of different scenes (used with, e.g., SIFT-Flow).
  • In-plane alignment of faces
    A robust face alignment technique which explicitly considers the uncertainties of facial feature detectors.
  • MATLAB 3D Model Renderer
    MATLAB functions for rendering textured 3D models and using them to calibrate (estimate 6DOF pose) of objects appearing in images. See inside for example usage in estimating head pose. Also available is code for our face animation demo.
  • Patch LBP code
    MATLAB code for computing the Three-Patch LBP (TPLBP) and the Four-Patch LBP (FPLBP) descriptors for face and texture images.