Designing Components versus Objects: A Transformational Approach

David H. Lorenz, Northeastern University
John Vlissides, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

A good object-oriented design does not necessarily make a good component-based design, and vice versa. What design principles do components introduce? This paper examines component-based programming and how it expands the design space in the context of an event-based component architecture. We present a conceptual model for addressing new design issues these components afford, and we identify fundamental design decisions in this model that are not a concern in conventional object-oriented design. We use JavaBeans-based examples to illustrate concretely how expertise in component-based design, as embodied in a component taxonomy and implementation space, impacts both design and the process of design. The results are not exclusive to JavaBeans---they can apply to any comparable component architecture.

In Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering, pages 253--262, Toronto, Canada, May 12-19 2001. ICSE 2001, IEEE Computer Society. (52k)

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Talks: ICSE 2001, IBM Research Seminar, NU Phd Seminar Series, NU Programming Language Research Outreach Day.

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