Tiling Design Patterns - A Case Study Using the Interpreter Pattern

David H. Lorenz

Vol. 32, No. 10 (Oct. 1997), Pages 206-217
in: OOPSLA '97. Proceedings of the 1997 ACM SIGPLAN conference on Object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications, pages 206-217

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This paper explains how patterns can be used to describe the implementation of other patterns. It is demonstrated how certain design patterns can describe their own design. This is a fundamental reflexive relationship in pattern relationships. The process of assembling patterns by other patterns is named pattern tiling. Tiling enables us to interweave simple understood concepts of patterns into their complex real-life implementation. Several pattern tilings for the Interpreter design pattern are illustrated.

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D.3.4 Software, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES, Processors, Interpreters.
G.2.0 Mathematics of Computing, DISCRETE MATHEMATICS, General.
D.3.2 Software, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES, Language Classifications.
D.1.5 Software, PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES, Object-oriented Programming.
D.2.10 Software, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Design**.

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OOPSLA '97. Copyright 1997 ACM, Inc.

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