A new abstraction mechanism in which objects "inherit" properties from the containment hierarchy they're in.

Application Embedding

A novel approach to application development that allows all aspects of an application, including its business-logic, to be programmed declaratively.


A data representation and query language for a new family of NoDatalog deductive databases.

Domain Driven Web Development With WebJinn

Web-application development cuts across the HTTP protocol, the client-side data presentation languages (HTML, XML), the server-side technology (Servlets, JSP, ASP, PHP), and the underlying resource (files, database, information system). Consequently, …

Environmental Acquisition

Technical talk that inspired the incorporation of Acquisition into the Python programming language and considered a crucial mechanism in Zope, Python's Killer App.

Environmental Acquisition — A New Inheritance-Like Abstraction Mechanism

The class of an object is not necessarily the only determiner of its runtime behaviour. Often it is necessary to have an object behave differently depending upon the other objects to which it is connected. However, as it currently stands, …