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Other Publications

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    Open University News No. 7 (April 2017) pp. 10-13

Articles in Ha’aretz (in Hebrew)

  1. “Think about the word ‘transfer’,” 20.3.2002.
  2. “Our Holocaust and Others’,” 26.4.2006. Also published in the English edition, 28.4.2006.
  3. “Why do they boycott us,” 22.5.2006. Also published in the English edition as “The Protocols, 21st century style,” 25.5.2006.
  4. “Exemplary citizenship,” 15.9.2010.
  5. “All nations are imagined,” 6.10.2010.
  6. “Democracy is not majority rule,” 15.12.2010.
  7. “The sexual obsession of the racists,” 12.1.2011.
  8. “Between democracy and peace,” 11.2.2011. Also published in the English edition, 11.2.2011.
  9. “Outrightly illegal expulsion,” 14.3.2011.

Selected Papers at Academic Conferences

1984 “National Self-Determination in Africa,” Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association / Los Angeles.
1986 “African Nationalism and its Opponents,” Conference on Zionism and its Opponents / Hebrew University.
1987 “Black Zionism,” Annual Meeting of the African Association for the Study of the Americas / Abidjan (The Ivory Coast).
1987 “Ethics and Foreign Policy - The Case of Tanzania,” Conference on Innovative Leadership in International Politics / Hebrew University (Davis Institute).
1987 “Israeli Democracy and Comparative Politics,” Workshop on Jewish Political Tradition at the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Teaching of Judaism in Universities / Jerusalem.
1989 “Does Israel Have a Democratic Political Tradition?,” Tenth World Congress of Jewish Studies / Hebrew University.
1989 “Nationalism Compared: ANC, PLO, IRA,” Conference on Ethnic Conflicts in South Africa, Northern Ireland and Israel / Bonn (Naumann Foundation).
1989 “W.E.B. DuBois on Judaism and Zionism,” Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association / Atlanta.
1991 “Ethnic Groups and the State in Africa,” Conference on “Ethno-Nationalism and Regionalism” / Hebrew University (Davis Institute).
1992 “Ethnic and Territorial Nationalism in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa,” Wiener Library Seminar on Rethinking Nationalism / Tel-Aviv University.
1992 “The Arab Minority in Israeli Politics - From Marginality to Influence,” Conference on Minorities in the Middle East / Tel-Aviv University (Dayan Center).
1993 “Nationbuilding in Multi-Ethnic Societies,” Conference on Nationalism and Ethnicity in Africa / Grahamstown (South Africa).
1993 “Nationbuilding and Constitution-Making - Ethiopian Perspectives,” Conference on the Making of an Ethiopian Constitution / Addis Ababa (Inter-Africa Group).
1993 “African Nationalism and the Invention of the Past,” Conference on Ethnicity, Identity and Intervention of the Past / Hebrew University (Truman Institute).
1993 “National Self-Determination - Dilemmas of a Concept,” Conference on “Nationalism - Past and Present” / Santiago de Compostela University (Spain).
1994 “Ethnic Nationalism in Africa,” Institute of African Studies and Research Group on Nationalism / University of Cologne (Germany).
1994 “Israeli and Palestinian Nationhood - Interrelated Concepts,” World Congress of the International Sociological Association / Bielefeld (Germany).
1994 “What is Zionism?,” Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation / Moscow.
1994 “Religion and Ethnicity in Israeli Politics,” Institute of Oriental Studies (Institut Vostokovedeniia) / The Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).
1994 “Trends of Change in the Political Organization of the Israeli Arabs,” Conference on “Arab Politics in Israel at the Crossroads,” Tel Aviv University (Dayan Center).
1994 “Nation and National Identity - Concepts and Approaches,” Dayan Center Annual Seminar on Processes of Nationbuilding in the Middle East.
1995 “Democracy and Democratization in Africa,” Conference of Israel’s Ambassadors in Africa, Jerusalem (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
1995 “World War II and the Decolonization of Africa,” Conference on “Fifty Years Later: World War II and its Aftermath” / Hebrew University (Davis Institute).
1995 “The Peace Process in the Middle East in Historical Perspective,” Lecture Given to the Diplomatic Corps / Mbabane (Swaziland).
1995 “African Nationalism - The Jewish Connection” Conference on “Africa-Christianity, Islam, Judaism” / Jerusalem (Van Leer Institute).
1995 “Ethnic Groups and the State in Africa,” Conference on “The New Politics of Ethnicity,” Curiel Center for International Studies (Tel Aviv University).
1996 “Religion and State in Israel,” Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, Workshop on “Religion and State - Palestine, Jordan, Israel” (Jerusalem)
1996 “‘Militant Democracy’: Extremism and the Defense of Democracy,” Conference on “Extremism in a Democratic Society” (German-Israeli Foundation, Dead Sea).
1996 “The Arab Vote and Its Impact on the Israeli Political System,” Conference on “The Arab Vote for the 14th Knesset,” The Heineman Institute for Research in the Middle East (Haifa University).
1996 “Peace and the Quality of Israel’s Democracy,” Conference on “Israeli Society and the Challenge of Transition to Coexistence,” Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research (Tel Aviv University).
1996 “The Arab Vote Between Integration and Delegitimization ,” Conference on “The Arabs in Israeli Politics: Dilemmas of Identity,” Dayan Center (Tel Aviv University).
1997 “National Security and the Limits of Liberty in Liberal Democracies,” Conference on “Ethics, Law and Communication in an Era of Political Violence and Extremism” (Haifa University).
1997 “Africa Between Dictatorships and Democracy: A Political, Economic and Social Overview,” Conference on International Development Cooperation in Africa,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ma’aleh Hahamisha).
1997 “The State and the Creation of Ethnicity - Colonial Africa and Soviet Central Asia,” Association for the Study of Nationalities Annual Meeting, New York (Columbia University).
1999 “Democracy and Democratization in Africa,” International Conference on “Multiple Modernities in the Era of Globalization,” 34th World Congress of International Institute of Sociology (Tel Aviv University).
1999 “Causes of War in Africa,” International Conference on “Nationalism and National Security,” Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) on Armed Forces and Society (Ben Gurion University).
2000 “National Self-Determination: A Theoretical Discussion,” Fifth Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of nationalities (ASN), (Columbia University / New York).
2000 “Social Cleavages and Political Parties in Israel,” Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Relations (PASSIA), (Ramallah / Palestine).
2001 “How Stable is Israel’s Democracy?,” University of Bonn (Germany).
2001 “The Arab Minority in Israel - From ‘Ethnic Democracy’ to National Integration,” Research Committee in Ethnicity and Politics / IPSA (Belfast).
2002 “Ideological and Sociological Ethnic Parties in Israel,” Research Committee in Ethnicity and Politics / IPSA (Paris).
2002 “The Globalization of National Self-Determination,” Research Committee on “Democracy, Capitalism and Socialism” / IPSA (Ottawa).
2002 “The Language Problem in Africa,” Association for the Study of Language and Society (Tel Aviv).
2003 “Rwanda 1994 - Nothing Short of Genocide,” Israeli Historical Association / Shazar Center (Jerusalem).
2003 “The Arab Minority in Israel’s 2003 Elections,” Association for Israeli Studies (AIS) Annual Conference (San Diego, CA).
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2004 “Democracy and Education in Israel - Constraints and Dilemmas,” Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Yarnton).
2004 “Rwanda 1994 - Ethnicity, Race Theory, Genocide,” Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, London School of Economics (LSE).
2004 “The Arab-Israeli Conflict - War and Peace in Historical Perspective,” Matsunga Institute for Peace / University of Hawaii (Honolulu).
2004 “Colonial and Postcolonial Africa - From Pan Africanism to the Territorial Nation State,” Annual Convention of the Israeli Historical Association, Jerusalem / Shazar Centre.
2004 “From Namibia (1904) to Rwanda (1994) - Comparing Genocide in the 20th Century,” Conference on “1904 - 2004 Decontaminating the Namibian Past,” Windhoek / Namibia.
2005 “Genocide - The Dark Side of Democracy,” Symposium at the London School of Economics (LSE).
2005 “Israel and Germany - Emotions, Realpolitik and Morality,” Conference on “What We Remember and What We Would Rather Forget. Collective Reminiscence and Collective Oblivion as Factors in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation,” Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB).
2005 “Different Concepts of a Jewish Democratic State,” Conference on “International Jewish Identities in an Era of Globalization and Multi-Culturalism,” Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico City.
2005 “State and Church in Europe - Recent Trends,” Conference on “State and Religion: A Hundred Years of French Law on the Separation of Church and State - Comparative Aspects with Israel,” Bar-Ilan University.
2005 “From Diversity to Congruence - Religion and State in Europe,” Symposium on the Dynamics of Church and State Relations, The European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR), Budapest (Hungary).
2005 “The Rwandan Genocide in Historical Perspective,” Symposium on the Rwandan Genocide, Yad Vashem.
2005 “On the Stability of Democracies,” Symposium on “Open Knowledge - Freedom of Spirit,” The Open University of Israel.
2006 “Parties and Elections in Israel,” Symposium on “Israel and the Future of the Middle East,” Real Instituto Elcano, Madrid.
2006 “Black Zionism - Return to Africa in Theory and Praxis,” Conference on “African Diasporas - Flows across Time and Space,” Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University.
2006 “Israel between Ethnocracy and Liberal Democracy,” Conference on “Ethnicity and Nationalism in Divided Societies,” Tel Aviv University.
2006 “The Rwandan Genocide in Comparative Perspective,” Israeli Political Science Association Annual Meeting, The Open University of Israel.
2007 “On the Stability of Israel’s Democracy,” Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin.
2007 “Israel - Democratic Nation-State, Ethnic Democracy or Ethnocracy?,” International Colloquium on Jewish Ethnicity and Nationalism - Past and Present, Moscow.
2007 “Different Concepts of Israel’s Democracy,” Annual Association of Israel Studies (AIS), The Open University of Israel, Raanana.
2008 “Israel - A Democracy with Problems and Challenges,” Conference on “Youth, Democracy and the Development of Democracy in Israel and Germany,” Landesinstitut für Schulen und Medien, Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany.
2008 “Sub-Nationalism and Democracy,” Conference on “Nationalism and Democracy,” Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies, Madrid.
2008 “Protection of Minorities in Democracies - The Arab Vision Papers in Comparative Perspective,” Conference on “Strategies of Jews and Arabs in Israel - From Conflict to Dialogue,” Truman Center, Hebrew University.
2008 “Primaries or Nominating Committee - Which to Prefer?,” Conference on “Primaries or Nominating Committee - The Crisis of Party Nominations in Israel,” Natanya Academic College.
2008 “National Self-Determination, Democracy and Human Rights,” Conference on “Nationalism and Human Rights,” Human Rights Research Committee of the International Political Science Association, Bilgi University, Istanbul.
2008 “Church and State in the 21st Century Europe - Towards Accommodation and Convergence,” Conference on “Globalization, Religion and the State,” Catholic Academy, Berlin.
2009 “U.S.-African Relations - From Truman to Obama,” Conference on “Cry My Beloved Continent - Africa in the 21st Century,” Tel-Aviv University.
2009 “Cooperation between Religion and State in Liberal Democracies,” Conference on “Religion, Politics, Society and the State - Israel in Comparative Perspective,” Bar-Ilan University.
2009 “Internal Wars in Africa: Classifications, Causes, and Ways to End Them,” Conference on “Civil Wars and Rehabilitation Processes: Theories and Case Studies,” Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel-Aviv University.
2009 “Herzl would have turned over in his grave: Israeli Policy towards African Migrant Workers,” Conference on “Migration Studies: Local and Universal Aspects,” Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies, Tel-Aviv University.
2009 “Four Democratic Church-State Models in Europe,” International Conference on “Secularism, Nationalism and Human Rights: Law and Politics in the Middle East and Europe,” Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law.
2009 “Mussolini and the Pope: Church-State Relations in Fascist Italy,” Conference on “Fascism: Ideology, Culture and Religion,” The Open University.
2009 “Why have Mitterand, Clinton and Kofi Annan not Prevented the Genocide in Rwanda?” International Conference on “Genocide Prevention - From Local Commemoration to Global Integration,” Tel-Aviv University.
2009 “The Concept of the Democratic Peace and the Arab-Israeli Conflict,” Conference on “Peace through Democracy - Origin, Impact and Interpretation of a Concept,” Berlin, European Academy (Heinrich Böll Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Die Schwelle).
2009 “Nation and Nationalism in the 21st Century,” Conference on “The Nation-State and Nationalism in the 21st Century,” Israeli-Lithuanian Forum, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliyya (IDC).
2010 “Ethno-Cultural Diversity and the African State,” Conference on Ethno-Cultural Diversity and the Problem of Tolerance in a Globalizing World, International Political Science Association (Research Committee 14) and Russian Political Science Association, St. Petersburg Center for Humanities and Political Studies, St. Petersburg.
2010 “On Dealing with Multi-Ethnicity in Postcolonial Africa,” Research Committee on “Ethnicity and Politics” (RC 14) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), St. Petersburg.
2011 “Constraints in Democratic Education in Israel,” Symposium on “Education and Politics,” Beth Berl Labor College.
2011 “On the Stability of Israel’s Democracy,” Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University.
2011 “The Role of Religion in Contemporary Europe,” Conference on "Challenges of Democracy: Eruption and Erosion," Jerusalem, Van Leer Institute.
2011 “The Amish, the ‘Haredim’ and the Modern State,” Association for Israeli Studies Annual Meeting, Brandeis University.
2011 “What is a Nation? Comparative Perspectives,” Symposium on “Israeli Identities,” The Open University of Israel, Raanana.
2011 “Race Theory and Genocide in Africa,” Symposium in “Racism and Genocide in the Modern Era,” Tel Aviv University.
2011 “Israel - Democratic Nation-State, Ethnic Democracy or Ethnocracy?” Research Committee on “Ethnicity and Politics” (RC 14) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), Raanana/Israel.
2011 “Fascism, Racism, and Sexism,” Conference on "Democracy, Feminism, and Human Rights," The College of Administration, Rishon Lezion.
2012 “Ultra-Orthodox Communities and the Modern State - The Israeli Haredim and the American Amish,” Annual Snowden Lecture, Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA.
2013 "The Israeli Elections 2013 - What's New, What Directions?," School of Political Science, Haifa University
2013 "Cuba in Africa During the Cold War," International Conference on "Cuba: Myth and Reality - Culture, History, Politics," Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2013 "Indigenous Discourse and Response: The Palestinian Minority and the Jewish Majority in Israel, Research Committee on "Ethnicity and Politics," (RIY) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) , Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
2013 "From Colonial Race Theory to Postcolonial Genocide," School of History, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

 “The Murder of the Herero in German South West Africa: The First Genocide in the Twentieth Century” — International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide, Ra’anana – The Open University of Israel



 “Territorial Solutions to Ethnic Conflicts within States” — Conference on Rethinking Territoriality Between Independence and Interdependence, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


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“Civil Wars and Genocide in Africa” — Conference on Citizens in Intra-state Conflicts, the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel



“Solving the Arab/Palestinian – Israeli/Jewish Conflict 1917–2017: Constitutional Designs” — in Conference on Democratization and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies, International Political Science Association, University of Cyprus, Nicosia