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2005 Ph.D., Technological Applications in Education, Bar-Ilan University
Dissertation: Cross-modal Changes in University Lecturers’ Support of Cognitive and Metacognitive Aspects of Students’ Learning
1996 M.A. (cum laude), Curriculum Design and Evaluation, Bar-Ilan University
Thesis: Self-regulating Processes and Motivational Orientation as Predictors of Divergent Production among Gifted Pupils
1994 Advanced trainer’s course in Mediated Learning and Instrumental Enrichment, Feuerstein’s International Center for Enhancement of Learning Potential
1980 Diploma in Translation, University of South Africa
1977 Higher Education Diploma (Post-Graduate), Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Witwatersrand University, South Africa
1975 B.A., English and American Literature, Sociology, Bar-Ilan University

Academic Positions

2007 - Project Leader - Roads to Academic Reading (OERs for acquisition of   English academic vocabulary)
2006 - Open Learning Resources coordinator, English Department - The Open University of Israel
2005 - Research coordinator and materials developer for diverse populations
2001 - 2003 Pedagogical consultant for Gemara Berura educational software developed by Metamorphosis, headed by Matty Manheit.
2001- Distance Learning Laboratory – School of Education, Bar-Ilan University researcher and instructional designer for videoconferencing-based Early College project, headed by Dr. Baruch Offir
1996- Orot Israel Teachers' College, Lecturer - Research Methods and Introductory Statistics
1996-1999- Orot Israel Teachers' College - Design of case-based courses in social psychology and cognitive psychology
1995-1998 National Teacher Trainer, Ministry of Education - Department of Gifted Education
1992 -1997- Development of enrichment program courses for gifted pupils, Ministry of Education  - Department of Gifted Education

Research Interests


Research Grants

2014 EU TEMPUS ECOSTAR project, with E. Klein-Wohl.
Co-leader of Open University's Work Package in EU-funded TEMPUS ECOSTAR project. ECOSTAR is a consortium of 15 universities and colleges in Israel and the EU. Goal of project is to reform the curriculum of EFL courses in Israeli higher educations by aligning Israeli EFL programs with the EU's CEFR.
2008 Open University Research Authority, with E. Klein-Wohl.
Identifying barriers to implementation of OLRs among university English teachers
2008 Inter-University Center for E-learning (MEITAL), with E. Klein-Wohl.
Development of open learning resources to support acquisition of English academic vocabulary
2006 - 07 Mofet Institute, National research network project with S. Kaniel & P. Steinberg.
School Principals', Supervisors' and Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Teachers and Teacher Educator Models
2004 - 05 Israel Science Foundation, with B. Offir & O. Zeichner.
Relationship of cognitive and motivational-affective feedback interactions, motivation levels and dropout rates in a distance learning-based Early College program for high school students in peripheral areas
2004 Mofet Institute grant, with T. Shimoni.
Identification of variables that predict successful performance among novice teachers in their first year of apprenticeship
2002 Mofet Institute, with P. Langberg & C. Wertheim.
Development of a case-based distance learning course for in-service teacher education
2001 National Council for Higher Education (Malag).
Development of distance learning courses for pre-service teacher education - Orot Teachers' College

Membership on Editorial Boards


List of Publications


2011 Teaching Students to Use Text-Profilers: A Needs-Based Approach to Tertiary Level English Vocabulary Instruction (with E. Klein-Wohl). International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching Vol. 1, Issue 3, pp. 86-98.
2010 Model for evaluating university asynchronous courses (with O. Zeichner and H. Taitelbaum), Al HaGova, March (in Hebrew).
2009 Online collaborative learning: The challenge of change (with B. Offir and O. Zeichner). In L. B. Palcroft & M. V. Lopez (Eds.), Personality Assessment: New Research (pp. 335-345), Nova Science Publishers: New York.
2007 Introverts, extroverts and achievement in a distance learning environment (with B. Offir & R. Bezalel), American Journal of Distance Education, 21 (1), 3-19.
2005 Can interaction content analysis contribute to distance learning? (with B. Offir, Y. Lev & A. Shteinbok), Educational Media International, 42 (1), 55-65.
2004 An integrated analysis of verbal and nonverbal interaction in conventional and distance learning environments (with B. Offir, Y.Lev & A. Shteinbok), Journal of Educational Computing Research, 31 (2), 101-118.
2003 Teacher-student interactions and learning outcomes in distance learning (with B. Offir, Y. Lev & A. Shteinbok), Internet and Higher Education, 6 (1), 65-75.
2001 Using interaction content analysis to assess distance education (with B. Offir, Y. Lev & A. Shteinbok), Computers in the Schools, 18 (2/3), 27-41.
2000 Critical junctions along the road: A reflective approach to case analysis (with T. Shavitsky), Tel Aviv: Mofet Institute (in Hebrew).

Selected Papers at Scientific Conferences

2013 Helping teachers design effective online courses: A 4-pillar faculty development model (with O.Zeichner), Sloan-C 6th Annual International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning, Las Vegas, USA.

Using the SWOT Model to evaluate and improve asynchronous online courses (with O. Zeichner & H. Teitelbaum), Sloan-C 4th Annual International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning, San Jose, USA.


Roads to Academic Reading in English: New Tools for Helping Students Cope with English Vocabulary in Academic Texts (with E. Klein-Wohl & Y. Ersoff), UTELI Conference - University Teachers of English Language in Israel, Tel Aviv University, Israel.


Roads to Academic Reading in English: Building Students' Capacity to Cope with Vocabulary in Academic Texts (with Y. Ersoff & E. Klein-Wohl), FACET Conference: (Forum of Academic College English Teachers). Teaching for the test or testing what we teach? Finding the balance between academic and real world needs, Ort-Braude College, Carmiel, Israel.

2009 “Language can open doors: Online self-study tools for crossing language barriers” (with E. Klein-Wohl), EU ENPI Conference on Regional Capacity Building Initiative, Amman, Jordan.
2009 “Evaluating asynchronous university courses” (with O. Zeichner & H. Teitelbaum), Seventh Annual Conference of Israel Inter-University Computation Center (Meital), Tel Aviv.
2009 “From 'fishes' to fishing-rods: Open learning resources for acquisition of English academic vocabulary” (with E. Klein-Wohl), Seventh Annual Conference of Israel Inter-University Computation Center (Meital), Tel Aviv.
2006 “Moving CALL from the computer lab to the classroom,” International Symposium of Computer Assisted Language Learning, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.
2005 “Utilizing university-community partnerships and desktop videoconferencing to enhance students' learning” (with B. Offir  & O. Zeichner), Thirtieth International Conference on Improving University Teaching, Pittsburgh, PA.
2005 “Using distance learning to identify and enrich high school pupils in peripheral areas” (with B. Offir  & O. Zeichner), Third International Conference on Multimedia and Information & Communication Technologies in Education.
2003 “Using distance learning to identify and enrich pupils with high levels of learning potential,” International Seminar on Distance Learning and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center of International Co-operation, Jerusalem.
2003 “Effective feedback in distance learning environments for gifted pupils” (with B. Offir  & O. Zeichner), Ninth Conference of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA), Spain.
2002 “Using distance learning environments to identify and enrich gifted pupils,” Eighth Conference of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA), Rhodes.
2001 “Interaction analysis in distance learning systems as a tool for values education” (with B. Offir, Y.Lev & A. Shteinbok), MOACH, Tel Aviv.
1999 “Developing reflective thinking through case study analysis: An integrative course in teacher education” (with T. Shavitsky), Third International Conference on Teacher Education, Mofet Institution, Bet Berl College, Israel.