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Dr. Liat Fridgoot-Netzer

Department of Management and Economics

Updated: December 2009


Tel: 972-2-677-3338


Born: 4/12/72

Address: 5 Diskin Street, Jerusalem, Israel



2004 Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Bar-Ilan University
Dissertation: Law and literature: The judge as a narrator in the judicial text and the narrator as a judge in the literary text: utilization of narratological components as interpretative tools for the judicial text in comparison with their hermeneutic function in the literary text
Supervisors: Prof. Yehuda Fridlander, Prof. Yedidia Stern
1999 M.A., Department of Comparative Literature, Hebrew University Jerusalem
1997 LL.B., Bar-Ilan University, Israeli Bar License No. 20917
1995 B.A. (summa cum laude), Humanities, Department of Comparative Literature, Bar-Ilan University

Fields of Research


Teaching Experience

2000 – Course coordinator, The Open University of Israel: "Contract Law"
2004 – External Lecturer, The Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University: "Law and Literature"
2007 – Seminar for Master's degree students, The Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

Professional Experience

1996 – 1997 Legal clerkship at Tzvi Agmon and Co., Jerusalem
1998 – 1999 Lawyer for Stiman-Ben-Jaken Law Office, Jerusalem

Academic Awards and Grants

1999 – 2004 President's and Dean's List Scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Candidates
2002, 2003, 2007 Research grant from the Open University Research Authority


Fridgoot-Netzer, Liat, "The Judge as an Interpreter: From Writing on the Judge to Writing the Judge," Kiryat Hamishpat 7 (2008) 3-59 (Hebrew).

Fridgoot-Netzer, Liat, "Judicial Formalism in Literature," Law and Literature: Studies in Honour of Judge Joshua Gross (2007) (Hebrew).

Fridgoot-Netzer, Liat, "Finding Compassion in the courts as a rhetorical manipulation," in Yehoshua Gitay (ed.), The Power of Words (2009), pp. 153-168 (Hebrew).

Fridgoot-Netzer, Liat, "The crime story" against "The criminal story," in Dror Arad-Ayalon, Yoram Rabin & Yaniv Vaki (eds.), Hapraklit: David Weiner Book on Criminal Law and Ethics (2009), pp. 637-632 (Hebrew).

Fridgoot-Netzer, Liat, "The "Twilight Zone": Ethics in Confrontation with Poetics" (Article accepted for publication).


Open University Books

Shalev, Gabriela and Fridgoot-Netzer, Liat (2007). Contract Law (2nd edition, in progress, Hebrew).


Conference Presentations

  1. "The Judge as an Interpreter: From Writing on the Judge to Writing the Judge," The Institute of Judicial Training for Judges: Law and Literature (February 2003).
  2. "A Judge's Confession: The Judge as a Self Reflective Narrator of the Judicial Text," Open University seminar (June 2003).
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