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Prof. Mustafa-Kabha

Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies

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1993-1996 Ph.D., Aranne School of History, Tel-Aviv University.

Dissertation: The Role of the Press and Journalistic Discourse in the Arab Palestinian National Struggle, 1929-1939;
Supervisor: Prof. Israel Gershoni
1984-1987 M.A., Aranne School of History, Tel-Aviv University.

Thesis: The War of Attrition as Reflected in Egyptian Sources;
Supervisor: Prof. Yehuda Wallach
1981-1984 B.A., Department of Middle Eastern History and Arabic Literature, Tel-Aviv University

Academic Experience

2012- Chair, Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies
2010 Associated Professor
2007 Senior Lecturer & Researcher, The Open University
2004-2007 Lecturer and Researcher, The Open University
2004-2007 Lecturer, The Department of Communications, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2002 – 2004 Lecturer, The Arab Academic Institute, Beit Berl College
1992-2004 Researcher, Tutor, and Consultant on the Development of new courses on Islam and Middle Eastern History, the Open University of Israel
1998-2002 Instructor, The Department of Communications, The Multidisciplinary Department, Emek Yezreel College
1998 – 1999 Lecturer, the Department of Middle East History, Tel Aviv University
1998-1999 Instructor, the Department of Middle East History, Haifa University

Professional Experience

1992-2004 Researcher, Tutor, and Consultant on the Development of new courses on Islam and Middle East History, The Open University
1996-2002 Contributor to History Curriculum Studies, Coordinator and Teacher for In-Service Training Programs for Teachers of History, The Department of Curriculum Development, The Ministry of Education and Culture
1986-1992 Teacher, History and Arabic Culture, Yafeh Comprehensive High School

Research Fields


Scholarships and Prizes

2010 The Arabic Language Academy
2009 The Center of Bedouin  studies , BGU 
2005 Israel Science Foundation Grant (ISF)
2005 Ma'of Scholarship, The Council for Higher Education  
1997 Aranne Scholarship, The School of History, Tel-Aviv University
1995 Uriel and Lora Dann Scholarship 
1995 Ben-Gurion Scholarship, The Histadrut Labor Federation
1994 David Horowitz Institute for the Research of Developing Countries, Tel-Aviv University

Reports for Refereed Publications

2001 Palestinian and Israeli Intellectuals in the Shadow of Oslo and The Al-Aqsa Intifada, The Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, Tel-Aviv University
2003 State Formation and Media Regime in Palestine, The Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, Tel-Aviv University

Membership in Professional Societies

2007-2013 The Arabic Language Academy
2003-2013 Israel Communication Association
1990-2013 The Association of Military History in Israel, Tel Aviv University
1996-2013 The Historical Society of Israel
2001-2013 The Association for Israel Studies
2004-2013 The Middle East Studies Association

Responsibility for Open University Courses

Texts in Arabic History of the Middle East and its Cultures,
Head of the development team

The Middle East in the Contemporary Era,
member of the development team  

The Arab Community in Israel, development (with Dr. Ilana Kaufman)

The Modern Middle East, member of the course-development team

The Middle East Between the World Wars, member of the course-development team

Jews Among Muslims, member of the course-development team

Islam: Introduction to the History of the Religion, assisted in preparation of the course textbook


Teaching Experience

1986-1992 Teacher of History and Arabic Literature, Yafeh Comprehensive High School
1992-2004 Teacher, Introduction to the Modern History of the Middle East
1994-2004 Teacher, The Middle East Between Two World-Wars
1997-2004 Teacher, History of Zionism - 1881 to 1914
1997-2004 Teacher, Europe - the Cradle of Nationalism

List of Publications

Academic Publications

  1. USA-Egypt Relations in the 1967 War (1987), Nazareth (Arabic).
  2. The Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936-1939 (1988), Nazareth (Arabic).
  3. The War of Attrition as Reflected in Egyptian Sources (1995), Yad Tabenkin & Tel-Aviv University (Hebrew).
  4. Mustafa Kabha and Ronit Barzilai, Refugees in Their Land – The Internal Refugees in Israel 1948-1996 (1996), Givat Haviva (Hebrew).
  5. Mustafa Kabha and Nimer Serhan, Bshir Ibrahim, The Judge and the Rebel, 1936-1939 (2000), Ramallah (Arabic).
  6. Mustafa Kabha and Nmer Sirhan, Bilad al-Rouha (Menashe Region) Under  British Mandate, Sindyana as A Case-Study (2004), Ramallah (Arabic).
  7. Under the Eyes of the Censor, The Palestinian Press in the National Movement between the Two World War (2004), The Center for Arabic Literature Studies, Beit-Berl College (Arabic).
  8. The Press in the Eye of the Storm: The Palestinian Press Shapes Public Opinion 1929-1939 (2004), Yad Ben-Zvi & The Open University of Israel (Hebrew).
  9. Towards a Historical Narrative of the Nakba: Complexities and Challenges (ed.) (2006), Mada - Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Haifa (Arabic).
  10. Writing up The Storm- The Palestinian Press Shaping Public Opinion. Vallentine Mitchell Academic, London, 2007.
  11. Kabha, M. and Caspi, D.  (2011). The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders -- Media and Conflict in Israel. London/Portland: Vallentine Mitchell, (238p).

Articles in Refereed Books

  1. The challenges of writing Palestinian modern history: The emergency of writing a complete narrative, in Mustafa Kabha, Towards a Historical Narrative of the Nakba, Complexities and Challenges (2006), Mada - Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Haifa, 5-25.
  2. A Palestinian look at the new historians and post-Zionism in Israel, in Benny Morris (ed.), Making Israel, Michigan University Press (forthcoming).
  3. The role of Jews of eastern origin in rebuilding the Arabic journalistic discourse in Israel, 1948-1967, Studies in Honor of Prof. Sasson Somekh, The Department of Arabic Literature, Tel-Aviv University (forthcoming).
  4. A net without borders: Online journalism among the Arab populations in Israel, in Dan Caspi (ed.), Online Journalism in Israel, The Israeli Institute of Democracy, Jerusalem (forthcoming, Hebrew).

Articles in Refereed Journals

  1. The role of the Palestinian press in publicizing and organizing the general strike April-October 1936, Iyunim Be'tkumat Israel, 11 (2001) 212-230 (Hebrew).
  2. The Haganah in Arab and Palestinian historiography and media, Israel Studies, 7, Fall 2002, 45-61 (with Sarah Osezki-Lazar).
  3. Muslims and Franks in Bilad Ash-Sham: intensified religious fidelity and higher barriers, Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean, 15 (March 2003), 47-58 (with Daphna Ephrat).
  4. The Palestinian press and the general strike of April-October 1936: Filastin as a case study, Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (July 2003) 169-190.
  5. The popular courts of the Palestinian-Arab revolt, 1936 -1939, Zemanim, 92 (Autumn 2005) 26-35 (Hebrew).
  6. M. Kabha and H. Erlich, Al-Ahbash and the Wahhabiyya: Interpretations of Islam. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 38 (2006).
  7. Kabha, M. (2012). "The Language of Political Discourse in the Arabic Press in
    Israel under Military Rule", AL-MAJALLA - Journal of the Arabic Language Academy,  Haifa, Vol. 3, pp 137-149. 
  8. Kabha, M. (2011). "The impact of the establishment of a Palestinian state on Israel’s Arab citizens and on their identity and desire to realize their national aspirations", in The effect of establishing a Palestinian state on Israeli Arabs, Netanya: Daniel Abraham Center Press, pp. 56-67.
  9. Kabha, M. (2011). "The Palastinian National Movement and its Attitude toward the Fascist and Nazi Movements 1925-1945", in Geschicte und Gesellschaft.
  10.  Kabha, M. (2012). "Palestinians and the Partition Plan", in Gavison, R. (ed.), The November 29th Resolution Sixty-Five Years Later. Metzila, Jerusalem, pp79 -97.

Book Reviews

  1. Hagar Hillel (2004), Israel in Cairo, A Zionist Newspaper in National Egypt. Am Oved Publishers, 2004, Pi'amim, 100, Summer 2005 (Hebrew).
  2. Mahmud Ghanayim (ed.) Al-Jadid in a Half Century, A Bibliographical Index, Beit Berl College, 2004, Jamma'a (forthcoming, Summer-Autumn 2006) (Hebrew).
  3. Ami Ayalon (2004), Reading, Palestine Printing and Literacy, 1900-1948, University of Texas, Hahadash (forthcoming, Hebrew).

Open University Publications (in Hebrew)

The Modern Middle East, Vol. 6, The Palestinians, A People Dispersed (forthcoming)



  1. Yossi Melman and Dan Raviv, Hostile Partnership, Nazareth: 1989
  2. Zvi Elpeleg, The Grand Mufti, Acre: 1992
  3. Shimon Peres, The New Middle-East, Nazareth: 1994


  1. The Regime of Kadaffi in Libya, Al Kalam, 4 (May 1987) (Arabic).
  2. The First Contacts between the Amir Abdulla and The Jewish Agency, Al- Aswar, 8 (Autumn 1990) (Arabic).
  3. The Palestinian Press during the Period of the British Mandate (1995), Hurewitz Institute for Research in Developing Countries, Tel-Aviv University (Hebrew).
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  7. From Sacred Jerusalem to the Spring, Themes in the Arab Press in Israel, (with Dan Caspi), Panim (March 2001) (Hebrew).
  8. The Haganah Organization in the Eyes of Arabs (with Sarah Osezki-Lazer), Alei Zait (Summer 2002) 303-343 (Hebrew).
  9. The Arab press in Israel 1948-2006, as an apparatus in the identity-building process, Herzog Institute of Communications, Tel-Aviv University. (forthcoming ) (Hebrew).

Conference Presentations in Israel

  1. Sixty Years to the Arab Revolt in Israel, 1936-1939, The Open University of Israel, 4 June 1996
  2. Israeli Society through the Eyes of Arab Researchers, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 23 June 1996
  3. Fifty Years to the State of Israel, Researchers Conference, The Truman Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 26 March 1998
  4. The Media and Sectarianism in Israel, The Open University of Israel, 8 January 1998
  5. Dispersed Communities, Renewed Identities, the Immigration of Jews from Islamic Countries, Researchers' Conference, Haifa University, 16 June 1998
  6. Relations between Israel and the Palestinian National Movement through the Perspective of the Oslo Accords, Researchers Conference, The Ben Gurion Heritage Centre in Sdeh Boker, 1-2 July 1998
  7. Relations between Jews and Arabs during the Mandate Period, The Historical Society of Israel, The Institute for Peace Studies, Givat Haviva, 19 June 1999
  8. The Arabs and the Media in Israel, The Jewish-Arab Centre, Haifa University, 16 May 2000
  9. The War of Independence in Israel - New Research, The Yad Ben Zvi Institute for Israel Studies, 10 May 2002
  10. Media and Politics in Israel: the Power of the Media, Gilo Center for Education on Democracy and Civics, The Hebrew University, 9 April 2002
  11. Egypt and Sudan, Annual Conference of The Israeli Oriental Society, Haifa University, 7 May 2002
  12. Majority and Minority Relations in the State of Israel, Truman Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 17 October 2002
  13. Palestinian Arabs in Israel: between Integration and Disintegration, The Jewish-Arab Centre, Haifa University, 27 October 2002
  14. Open Border, Closed Border: Between Israel and the Palestinians, Tel-Aviv University, 12 January 2003
  15. Haaretz: Portrait of A Newspaper, The Institute for the Study of Zionism, Tel-Aviv University, 12 May 2003
  16. Globalization and Anti-Globalization, The 25th Conference of the Israeli  Sociological Association. Ben-Gurion University, Beersheva, 26 February 2004
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  20. Culture in the Middle East in the Modern Era, The Open University and Umm al-Fahem Municipality, 1 March 2006 
  21. 100 Years since the Hidden Question, Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem, 26 March 2006
  22. Online Journalism in Israel, Oranim College, 14 May 2006
  23. 70 Years to the Arab Revolt 1936-1939, Sdeh Boker College in the Negev, 16-17 May 2006
  24. Conference of the Galilee Research, Tel-Hai College, 28-29 June 2006
  25. "To imagine Nation" .The Open University of Israel Ra'anana,  28 .12 .2006  
  26. "Twenty Years since the first Intifada" .The Open University Of Israel, .Ra'anana, 26 .11 .2007 
  27. The Arabs and Russians in the Israeli Media, Ben Gurion University,  20.4.2009  
  28. The Development of the Palestinian National Movement , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 3.6.2009
  29. Writing Palestinian History,  The Open University Of Israel, 17. 6. 2009
  30. The city Ephemerality and mobility in the orbanscape. Ben Gurion University, 18.6.2009
  31. The 12th conference of new researches on the Galilee. Tal hai college. 28-29.6.2010
  32. Football l:Emotions,Valuesand Identities ,  The Open University Of Israel. 24.5. 2010


Presentations at International Conferences

  1. International Conference on Conversion of the International Medieval Institute of Leeds University, Leeds, 17-21 July
  2. Visions and Divisions, The Association for Israel Studies, 1-14 May 2001,  American University, Washington D.C.
  3. The Association for Israel Studies, The Eighteenth Annual Meeting, 26-28 May 2002, Vail, Colorado
  4. First World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES), Mainz, 9-13 September   
  5. Hierarchy and Power, The Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 17-21 June 2004
  6. The Second Joint International Conference on Language and Linguistics, The University of Oxford College of Continuing Education and The American University in Cairo, Cairo, 24-25 March 2006
  7. Narrating the Nile - Cultures, Identities, Memories, International Workshop, Tel-Aviv University and The Open University of Israel,  29-31 May 2006
  8. The second International Conference on Language and Linguistics. The American University in Cairo. March 24 -25, 2006
  9. "Absent Spheres, Silent Voices: Recovering Untold Histories", Sabanci University, Istanbul 27 – 28 May 2007 
  10. Workshop on Haifa ,Salzburg Seminar, 19-23 February 2009
  11. Workshop on Haifa , institute of social studies , Hamburg  16-21 August 2009 
  12. Israel in 2009 : Center and Periphery, AIS 25TH  annual conference , Ben Gurion University & Saper College. 1-5 June 2009 
  13. the TAU workshop of the Arab Israeli conflict ; the year of 1948 , Palestinian perspective. 5-16 July 2009 
  14. Arab Responses to Fascism and Nazism, 1933 -1945 . Tel Aviv University. 23-26 May 2010