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Elad Paran, Associate Professor

Elad Paran
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The Open University of Israel 1 University Road, P. O. Box 808, Raanana 43107
Office:972-9-7781856 Fax:972-9-7780856 Email:paran@openu.ac.il

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Areas of Interest
  • Field Arithmetic, Inverse Galois Theory, arithmetic and geometry of skew polynomial rings, polynomials over division algberas, arithmetic of rings of formal power series

2005 - 2009
Ph.D., Mathematics, With Distinction, Tel Aviv University
2003 - 2005
M.Sc., Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude, Tel Aviv University
2001 - 2003
B.A.,Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude, Open University of Israel
1998 - 2001
B.A., Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, Open University of Israel

1. Algebraic patching over complete domains, Israel Journal of Mathematics, 2008, available here.

2. Split embedding problems over complete domains, Annals of Mathematics, 2009, available here.

3. Split embedding problems over function fields over complete domains, American Journal of Mathematics, 2009, available here.

4. Power series over generalized Krull domains, with M. Temkin, Journal of Algebra, 2009, available here.

5. Galois theory over complete domains, Mathematische Annalen, 2010, available here.

6. Fully Hilbertian Fields, with L. Bary-Soroker, Israel Journal of Mathematics, 2009, available here.

7. Patching and admissibility over two-dimensional complete local domains, with D. Neftin, Algebra and Number Theory, 2010, available here.

8. On totally ramified extensions of discrete valued fields, with L. Bary-Soroker, Proceedings of a GTEM conference on Geometry and Arithmetic around Galois Theory, 2010, available here.

9. Hilbertianity of fields of power series, Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussiue, 2012, available here.

10. Galois theory over rings of arithmetic power series, with A. Fehm, Advances in Mathematics, 2011, available here.

11. Non-ample complete valued fields, with A. Fehm, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2011, available here.

12. Galois Theory over Integral Tate Algebras, with M. Jarden, New York Journal of Mathematics, 2012, available here.

13. Klein approximation and Hilbertian fields, with A. Fehm, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, 2013, available here.

14. Split Embedding Problems over the open arithmetic disc, with A. Fehm, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 2014, available here.

15. Algebraic functions in the Wiener algebra, with A. Fehm and N. Lev, Communications in Algebra, 2014, available here.

16. Automorphism groups over Hilbertian fields, with F. Legrand, Journal of Algebra, 2017, available here.

17. Embedding problems for automorphism groups of fields extensions, with A. Fehm and F. Legrand, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 2019, available here.

18. Twin-prime and Goldbach theorems for Z[[x]], Journal of Number Theory, 2020, available here.

19. Galois groups over rational function fields over skew fields, with G. Alon and F. Legrand, Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 2020, available here.

20. The Inverse Galois Problem over C(z), with D. Haran and A. Fehm, Abelian varieties and number theory, Contemp. Math., Amer. Math. Soc., 2021, available here.

21. A quaternionic Nullstellensatz, with G. Alon, Journal of pure and applied algebra, 2021, available here.

22. Completely prime one-sided ideals in skew polynomial rings, with G. Alon, Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 2021, available here.

23. A central quaternionic Nullstellensatz, with G. Alon, Journal of Algebra, 2021, available here.

24. Fixed points and orbits in skew polynomial ringswith A. Chapman, Journal of algebra and its applications, 2023, available here.

25. Combinatorial Nullstellensatz over division rings, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 2023, available here.

26. Luroth's and Igusa's theorems over division rings, with F. Legrand, Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 2023, available here.

27. Generic freeness of modules over non-commutative domainswith V. Thieu, Journal of Algebra, 2024, available here.

28. The Collatz problem in F_p[x] and F_p[[x]], with A. Behajaina, Finite Fields and their Applications, 2023, available here.

29. A skew Newton-Puiseux theorem, with V. Thieu, preprint, 2023, Arxiv version available here.

30. The Collatz map in polynomial rings and in completions, with A. Behajaina, preprint, 2023, Arxiv version available here.

31. On the stopping time of the Collatz map in F_2[x], with G. Alon and A. Behajaina, preprint, 2024, Arxiv version available here.

32. On the geometry of zero sets of central quaternionic polynomials, with G. Alon, preprint, 2024, Arxiv version available here.

33. Noether's normalization in skew polynomial rings, with V. Thieu, preprint, 2024, Arxiv version available here.

M.Sc. Thesis, Tel-Aviv University, 2005, titled Algebraic patching over complete domains, under the guidance of Dan Haran.

Ph.D. Thesis, Tel-Aviv University, 2009, titled Split embedding problems over complete domains, under the guidance of Dan Haran

Rothschild Fellowship.
Fulbright Scholarship
Israel Mathematical Union Nessyahu prize for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis.
TAU faculty of exact sciences Dean’s scholarship
Damm Fellowship
A prize for outstanding Ph.D. studies achievements, Tel Aviv University

Head of the Open University Mathematics program, 2016-2018.

Student seminar coordinator, Department of mathematics and computer science, Open University of Israel, 2011-2017, 2019-present.
Young students advisor, Department of mathematics and computer science, Open University of Israel, 2011-2016.