Winter 2011

Academic Commandos

The IDF's Elite Academic Program with the OU

Hand-picked combat soldiers traded in their bullet-proof vests for laptops. They are studying at the Open University while in their final stretch of military service in a special joint program, initiated by President Shimon Peres and run by the Open University in cooperation with the Israeli Army.
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In the picture (middle row; left to right): Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazy, Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, Prof-Hagit Messer Yaron, President of the Open University, and President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres.

Open Research Day

Some 30 research projects were on display at the Open University's Open Research day.
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Breakthrough Research:
Dealing with Stress, the Natural Way

Imagine lowering your blood pressure... and finding relief from anxiety by ingesting a completely natural substance. Possible? Dr. Ravid Doron believes so. He and his team are on the verge of a breakthrough discovery.
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Setting the Computer's Sights

Dr. Tal Hassner of the Department of Computer Sciences and his team's newest computer vision program enables computer recognition of faces with limited indicators, beating all other such programs in the marketplace.
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University Student Since 8th Grade:
Michael Michelachvilli

Michael has been a student at the Open University since he was 13. Now only 17, he recently came home with medals from the International Chemistry Olympics and the International Computer Sciences competition.
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E-Reader: Paperless Courses

A pilot experiment at Open University
is exploring the advantages and disadvantages of switching to the electronic format.
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Professor Gidi Gross: The Open University
Changed His Life, But Not His Residence

Every university in Israel would have loved to have Gidi Gross. When he decided he wanted to learn about nature's secrets, the only way he could do that while still farming was at the Open University. Now, he is a cancer researcher and Dean of the College of Tel-Hai.
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Dance With Your Fears

Dr. Eran Chajut of the Department of Education and Psychology explains why we need to learn to be afraid in order not to be afraid.
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Heavens Above

The Russkiy Mir Center for Russian Culture at the Open University played host to the first Jewish cosmonaut and twice-deocrated Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Boris Volynov.
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