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The major goal of the Chais Research Center for the Integration of Technology in Education is to promote theoretical and practical research among the Open University faculty, staff and students, in the area of instructional technologies and their integration into educational systems in general, and at the Open University in particular.

The Chais Research Center provides a platform for cooperation among researchers within and outside the Open University, who are interested in the study of instructional technologies and their integration.

The Chais Research Center initiates research programs in cooperation with various departments at the Open University, and assists in enhancing the integration of instructional technologies into the Universitys teaching framework. It assembles theoretical knowledge on the uses of technology in teaching and learning for the benefit of the Open University and other institutions.

Stanley Chais

Mr. Stanley Chais and his family have donated one million dollars for the establishment of the Chais Research Center for the Integration of Technology in Education, located on the new Open University campus in Raanana.

For the last thirty years, Mr. Chais has combined his business activities with a wide range of philanthropic endeavors for the benefit of Jewish communities in the United States, the former Soviet Union (FSU) and Israel. He believes that all Jews are responsible for each other", and therefore, he, who can afford it, should support areas that promote learning and culture.

Over the last decade, the Chais family has supported many institutions of higher education in Israel. Stanley Chais supports Israel not only in higher education, but also helps to establish Israeli start-up companies which include new immigrant scientists. The emphasis is on developing human capital in Israel towards joining the international, technology front of progress.

Mr. Chais claims that despite its lack of natural resources, Israel enjoys an abundance of high-quality human resources. These should be nurtured in order to attain success and to position Israel as a leader in the high-tech industry. Therefore, he views the investment in higher education as having great value.

In cooperation with the Hebrew University, the Chais Family Foundation established the Chais Center for Jewish Studies in Russian. Its goal is to reestablish the legitimacy of Jewish expression among Jews in the FSU and to enable them to preserve their traditions and heritage. In 2002, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem awarded Mr. Chais an honorary doctorate in recognition of his contribution to the university and his philanthropic activities.