Gender and Science in War and Peace Program


Monday, the 17th of June, Tel Aviv University (Gilman Building hall 496)


17:00 Registration


17:30 Opening session

Greetings and Opening Remarks:

Leo Corry, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University

Nurit Kirsh, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee and Director of the Biological Thought program, The Open University of Israel

Shaul Katzir, Director, Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas

Presidential Address

Maria Rentetzi, Commission on Women and Gender Studies in History of Science, Technology and Medicine

"Science and Diplomacy between War and Peace: A Male Domain"


18:45 Welcome Reception



Tuesday, the 18th of June, Tel Aviv University (Gilman Building hall 496)


Tuesday, 09:30-11:20 Session no. 2

Terms and conditions: wars as opportunities for women scientists

Željko Oset University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia Opportunities for Female Scientists in Ljubljana (Slovenia) after World War I and World War II
Anne Sophie Godfroy University Paris Est Créteil,Centre Cavaillès - République des Saviors, Paris, France The Ecole Normale Superieure de Jeunes Filles during WWII: Facing Contingencies and Preparing the Post-War Period
Annette B. Vogt Max Planck Institue for the history of science Berlin, Germany Female Scientists and their Resistance against the Nazi Regime
Pnina Abir-Am Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA From the Science Corp in the 1948 War to the Weizmann Institute of Science: The Careers of two Israeli Women Scientists in War and Peace.


Tuesday, 11:50-13:20 Session no. 3

Scientific narratives: Biographies of women scientists

Maria J. Santesmases Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid, Spain Bacteria and Gender in War and Peace: the Transitions of Emmy Klieneberger
Tuvaal Klein Cohn Institute, Tel Aviv University, Israel Changing Narratives of Marie Curie: between War and Peace
Marcela Starcová Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague, Czech Republic Libuše Jansová - the First Professional Woman Archaeologist in the Czechoslovakia


13:20-14:45 Lunch


Tuesday, 14:45-16:15 Session no. 4

Gender and Emotion: Between Life and Death

Annette Mülberger Centre for History of Science, Barcelona, Spain Gender and War in Early Psychological Testing
L. Joanne Green University of Cambridge, UK ‘We the Tormentors, the Destroyers’: Death, Emotions, and Gender in Entomology
Pnina Rosenberg Technion of Haifa, Israel Women-Prisoners in the Service of Kazakh Dandelion Research in Rajsko Auschwitz Sub-Camp's Plant Breeding Detail


Tuesday, 16:45-18:15 Session no. 5

Women as Healers, Doctors and Care-givers during War and Interwar Times

Adela Junova Mackova Masaryk Inst. and Archives of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic Vlasta Kálalová Di-Lotti and her Plan to Bbuild a Hospital in Jerusalem
Hagit Krik The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel Medicine, Gender and Race: Colonial Nursing in Interwar Palestine
Benjamin Palmer University of Leicester, UK War and Welfare: British Women Biochemists in the Second World War


Wednesday, the 19th of June, The Open University, Ra’anana (Canbar Hall)


Wednesday, 10:15-11:45 Session no. 6

Men to the front, women to the lab

Donald L. Opitz DePaul University, Illinois, USA Gardening for Victory: Gender and Horticultural Science during World War I
Ivana Ebelová, Milada Sekyrková, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic Gender in Medical Education and Practice in Central Europe around WWI and WWII
Sally Horrocks University of Leicester, UK The Cold War, Domesticity and Women’s Employment in Science and Engineering, 1940s- c 1970


12:00 Lunch


13:00 Concert


Wednesday, 14:30-16:00 Session no. 7

The gendered aspect of technology

Julia Gül Erdogan University of Stuttgart, Germany Challenging the Image of the Male Computer Hacker in the Federal Republic of Germany. Technology, Communication Networks and Female Activism in the transition to the 1990s.
Ari Barell, Ben-Gurion University, Israel Glass Ceilings and Iron Domes: Gender, Military Technology and New Wars in Israel
Chava Brownfield-Stein Beit Berl College, Israel Gender, Advanced Technological Apparatuses, and “Warfare Without Risk”: the Case of Israel’s Border with Gaza Strip


16:15-19:00 Guided tour to the Historic Site of Apollonia.


Thursday, the 20th of June, Tel Aviv University (Gilman Building hall 496)


Thursday, 09:30-11:00 Session no. 8

Science & Technology, masculinity & femininity

Kamlesh Mohan Panjab University, India Patriarchy, Medicine and Women Medical Missionaries: Partial Catalytic Agents
Maya Roman, Cohn Institute, Tel Aviv University, Israel Men-Made Physics: Examining Masculinity as a Strategy for Creating Feminist Critiques of Physics
Zohar Sapir Dvir Tel Aviv University, Israel Citroën and Renault Cross the Sahara: Technology and Masculinity in French Automotive Expeditions (1922-1925)


Thursday, 11:30-13:00 Session no. 9

Women’s bodies

Laurens Schlicht Humboldt University, Berlin, Gemrnay Female Criminal Police, Germany, 1942–1944
Pavel Vasilyev Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, Israel Re/Production Cycles: Affective Economies of Soviet Menstruation
Erela Teharlev Ben-Shachar Biological Thought, Open University, Israel The War over the Feminine Body – Israel’s Women Conscription and the Female Physiology