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Dr. Nurit Kirsh, Lecturer

Dr. Nurit Kirsh
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The Open University The Dorothy De Rothschild Campus One University Road P.O.B. 808 Ra’anana 43107, Israel
Office: 972-9-7781758 Fax:972-9-778-0661 Email:nuritki@openu.ac.il

Ph.D. in History of Science, the Cohn Institute, Tel-Aviv University. Thesis: “The Teaching and Research of Genetics at the Hebrew University (1935-1961)" Guided by Professor Eva Jablonka and Professor Anita Shapira.
The Course “Science since 1789”, Department of History, UC Berkeley, USA.
B.A. in Social  Sciences (with distinction) from the Open University of Israel.
M.Sc. in Microbiology, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.
Thesis: "Quantitative Study of the Male Specific Protein (MSP) in Normal, Sex Inversed and Gynogenetic Tilapias". Guided by Professor Rami R. Avtalion
B.A. in Biology (with distinction) from the Open University of Israel, Tel-Aviv. I started my Academic Studies on 1983, while I was still in highschool (9th grade) and finished them on my second year of National Service.
Travel grant from the Jewish Studies Program, Arizona State University, 2006 The Jacques Loeb Post-Doctoral Scholarship, Ben-Gurion University, 2008-2009.
Grant from Yad Chaim Weizmann
Travel grant from the Leo Baeck Institute
Neuberger Scholarship from the Institute for German History, Tel-Aviv University
Grant from the Institute for the History of Medicine and Science, University of Lubeck
VATAT Grant for Doctorat Thesis, the Israeli High Education Council
ISF Grant (with Prof. Eva Jablonka), the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
1996, 1997
Excellence Scholarships of the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel-Aviv University
Scholarship of the Biology Department, Bar- Ilan University
1987, 1989
Dean Prizes for Excellence, The Open University
Tel-Aviv City Council Prize for Best Essays
2015 – to date
Head of the biological thought MA program, the Open University of Israel
Head of an MA program in education for American students (TASP), Bar-Ilan
An advisor for “Twist” - a European Union Project to encourage girls to choose science studies, the Science Museum in Jerusalem
Post-Doctoral at The Jacques Loeb center for the History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences at Ben-Gurion University
2004-to Date
“Amit Horaa” lecturer, Bar-Ilan University

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1989-1990: Assistant, Genetics and Immunology courses, Bar-Ilan University.
1991-1997: Teaching courses for gifted children at the Erica Landau’s Institute for the Promotion of Creativity & Excellence, Tel-Aviv.
1991-1992: Teaching at the Institute for Jewish and Zionist Education (Melitz)
1992-2007: Biology teacher, high school (“Haroe” Ramat-Gan, “zeitlin” Tel-Aviv).
2004-2015: Teaching BA and MA courses in Bar–Ilan University:
Undergraduate Courses Taught
Philosophy of Science
Didactics course for biology teachers
Graduate Courses Taught
Introduction to the History of Science and Technology
Zionism and Science
Introduction to Biology
A Lab of One’s Own – Female Scientists