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Rica Gonen

Department of Management and Economics

rica gonen
I am a faculty member in the Department of Management and Economics at the Open University of Israel. Previously, I was a Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research (New York, California) and a post-doc at Bell Labs (Ireland, New Jersey). I received my Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University. Recently my work was kindly funded (444,627 EUR) by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Grant # 653449. My research has led me to be the principle inventor of 14 U.S. patents.


Contact Information

Department of Management and Economics
The Open University of Israel
1 University Road, POB 808
Raanana 4353701, Israel
Office: Technologies Building (Binian Tecnologyot) 320
E-mail: gonenr[at]openu[dot]ac[dot]il

Research Interests

My research focus is computational game theory or essentially topics at the border between computer science theory, game theory and microeconomic theory. Among the topics I work on are:


Graduate Students

Ozi Egri (Expected Graduation 2018)
M.Sc. Thesis: Dynamic Combinatorial Markets

Jacob Bitterman (M.Sc. Expected Graduation 2019)

Asher Bar Eitan (Initial stage)

Arnon Zilca (Initial stage)

Gonen Frim (Initial stage)

Gabriel Prassa (Initial stage)



Currently, I am developing a distance learning course named Networked Life and Markets. I have also developed a distance learning course named Electronic Auctions and Markets: Mechanism Design and Algorithms. In addition, I serve as an instructor in the seminars Seminar in Algorithms and Electronic Auctions and Markets. Previously, I was a teaching assistant at the Hebrew University in the courses: Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics.