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Israeli Cities in 2065 – Hot, Crowded and Polluted? 

Forecasts indicate a considerable increase in the rate of population growth in the State of Israel. By 2065, the country's population is expected to double and will number over 20 million. More than 95% will live in cities and urban density will increase.

It is possible to imagine a better green and sustainable urban future

Can We Imagine a Better Green and Sustainable Urban Future?

Future cities founded on principles of sustainability will be able to offer a pleasant, healthy, and high-quality living environment, even amid growing density and climatic changes. Cities centered around high-quality, accessible and readily available public transportation, integrated into the very heart of the urban landscape. Dedicated routes for pedestrians and cyclists will connect the public to mass-transport systems. Private car transport in the city center may be entirely unnecessary. This approach will foster the expansion and cultivation of green areas that harmoniously blend within and between buildings.

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The center holds conferences on environmental and sustainability issues, academic forum meetings with environmental leaders in the local government aimed at strengthening ties and creating research collaborations, and seminars are delivered by leading researchers from a variety of disciplines related to urban sustainability.

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