Administrative Staff

OUI administrative staff members participate in mobility programs at Erasmus+ partner universities. Participants share knowledge and working methods in order to learn from collective experiences, acquire practical skills, and discover new ideas and best practices.
The mobility experience usually takes place over five days (plus two travel days), and may take the form of job shadowing, workshops, or attendance at an International Week event.


Funding of mobility programs is the sole responsibility of the European partner. No funds are transferred to the OUI.
Funding consists of a fixed Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to the travel and subsistence costs. The sum is given in cash to participants upon their arrival at the hosting university.

Travel Distance Standart Tracel Green travel
10-99km 23 EU
100-499km 180 EU 210 EU
500-1999km 275 EU  320 EU
2000-2999km 360 EU  410 EU
3000-3999km 530 EU  610 EU
4000-7999km 820 EU 
8000 km or more 1500 EU 

Application Process
Heads of the administrative departments recommend candidates for available mobility opportunities according to the following criteria:

  • High English proficiency
  • Outstanding work performance
  • High level of commitment
  • Familiarity with the OUI and its processes
  • Ability to assimilate and incorporate new ideas from the host university into new initiatives for the development of the position at the OUI
    1. A selection committee reviews the candidacies, and makes decisions regarding approval or rejection.
    2.  The International Office forwards the nominations to the partner university and receives consent for the visit.
    3.  The host university sends the nominated staff member an invitation. Nominees are required to accept the terms of the mobility opportunity and to submit all required documents.

  • Participants purchase flight tickets and arrange their own accommodation, according to the grant amount. No extra funding/reimbursement is offered by the OUI.
  • The participants must have medical insurance for the period of their stay.
At the end of the mobility program, participants are required to submit an official report.