Opening the Future and Changing It

Making Higher Education Accessible

A hallmark of the OUI is its open admissions policy, which allows those seeking a higher education to choose from over 600 courses in bachelor's and master's degree programs. This unique approach to university admissions means that each undergraduate student is given the chance to prove his or her academic capability, while rigorous academic standards ensure a first-rate education. In order to prepare students for the challenging coursework, workshops in study skills, computer applications, English, math, and academic Hebrew are offered, encouraging success in our demanding academic environment. 
Among the 47,000 students currently studying at the OUI are IDF soldiers on active duty, gifted and excelling high school students, professionals seeking advanced degrees, ultra-Orthodox men and women, Druze, and Israeli Arabs. Many students take advantage of the OUI’s flexibility in order to work full time, while completing their degrees at a pace which allows them to succeed in all arenas. At the OUI, students are able to find their own personal catalyst for success in life. The OUI removes the barriers that can interfere with a student’s ability to fulfill his or her potential, and places success within reach of students possessing skills and determination. 

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