Message from the President

Prof. Leo Corry
President, The Open University of Israel
Welcome to the Open University of Israel
I would like to thank you personally for visiting our website. You will find detailed information here about the attributes that distinguish the OUI from other Israeli institutions of higher education.
Our 47,000 students, representing all sectors of Israeli society, and all religious and ethnic groups, make us the largest university in Israel. Open admission, the uncompromising academic quality of study programs, intensive research activity (which is a key factor in the recruitment and promotion of our senior faculty members), distance learning programs utilizing state-of-the-art e-learning technologies and face-to-face academic tutorials conducted in sixty study centers throughout Israel, are the main features that make the OUI what it is. We are the only university in Israel offering students an inviting combination of quality higher education with enough flexibility to allow them to adapt their studies in terms of time and intensity to their life and employment circumstances.
We remain committed to our belief in social inclusion and social-academic justice, which has shaped our vision since the inception of the OUI. Our mission is to make higher education accessible to all who seek to better their lives through education.
Our students, as well as faculty, staff, and alumni, all share an enormous sense of pride in their achievements and affiliation with the Open University of Israel. Please spend some time visiting here to learn more. We are honored to share our story with you.
Prof. Leo Corry