Webs of Remembrance: Holocaust Memory in the Age of Social Media

The project will complement existing scholarship by focusing on two research trajectories that have not yet been thoroughly examined: 1. we will explore Holocaust-related discourse on social media, and then interpret the findings in the context of previous research, focusing on legacy media; 2. we will probe online discourse pertaining to the Holocaust taking place on non-commemorative, “secular” occasions, and within the context of seemingly unrelated themes.
Our systematic exploration of the ways the memory of the Holocaust is manifested across digital platforms and outlets will advance the understanding of how technological affordances shape the multiple forms and contents of digital memory. Furthermore, our proposed investigation of how digital mnemonic agents address the daunting challenge of Holocaust commemoration will help illuminate the benefits and limits of such technological advances. In so doing this study will provide useful insights and practical implications for Holocaust commemoration institutions, policymakers and educators.