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Exhibition Returns to the Websites that have Disappeared. (Maariv, 26/4/2108, Hebrew)

The Dark Side of the Sharing Economy. (The Marker, 11/12/2017, In Hebrew)

# Critical Comments Regularly Disappear From Netanyahu’s Facebook Page. (Haaretz 1/5/2017)

# Snap Makes a Bet on the Cultural Supremacy of the Camera. (New York Times 8/3/2017)

# The future according to Snapchat. (Mamon 15/4/2017 in Hebrew)

# The next technological revolution: When robots talk like humans. (Globes 31/3/2107 in Hebrew)

# Netanyahu's Facebook shows the Trumpatization he underwent. (Haaretz 30/1/2017 in Hebrew)

Mining information in the New Media Era. (Calcalist 25/5/2016 in Hebrew)

# Analyzing the information about us on the net, this time the profit is ours. (Haaretz 4/10/2015 in Hebrew)

"The Lab": Omilab's guest blog on Haaretz
Web Archiving Conference in the media