YMIR – Youtube Metadata Information Retriever

The YouTube Metadata Information Retriever (YMIR)​ is a tool designed to browse and capture metadata of YouTube videos. It can retrieve metadata from a given list of YouTube videos, a YouTube channel name or a search query.  For each URL, it collects the video's title, description, number of comments, number of views, Likes and Dislikes, the date it was published, and its duration. The tool also produces a separate file with comments metadata: for each comment, the crawler collect its content, viewer's rating, Likes, and more. The tool was developed by Nehoray Carmi, as part of his Master's thesis at the Open University of Israel, supervised by Dr. Anat Lerner, Dr. Mireille Avigal, and Dr. Azaria Cohen. To use the tool, please download the applet and run it from your Windows machine.