Dr. Ravid Doron

Prof. Ravid Doron

Prof. Ravid Doron is the head of the Open University Psychobiology Lab at Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center in Jerusalem. He is a faculty member of the Department of Education and Psychology at The Open University.
Prof. Doron's laboratory focuses on developing novel herbal treatments for depression and anxiety disorders, based on herbal medicines. His team uses animal models to investigate the behavioral and biological brain mechanisms underlying depression and anxiety.
The overall goal of his lab is to pursue research that will deepen our understanding of the development of psychiatric diseases, in order to generate a significant impact through translating theoretical ideas into clinical reality.


Dr. Keren Nitzan | Lab Manager

Keren obtained her PhD degree in Psychobiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Keren had her postdoctoral training in the neurology department at the Hadassah Ein Karem Medical center, before joining Dr. Ravid Doron`s Psychobiology laboratory in the open university of Israel. Keren is also the Course Coordinator for Honor Student Course in Psychobiology in the open University. Keren background is in Psychoneuroimmunology and in degenerative diseases. Her current research interests lie in herbal treatment for Alzheimer disease and mood disorders, using in-vivo studies.

Doctorate and Master's Students

motty franko

Motty Franko

Premature birth model. 

Elchanan Orgad

Elchanan Orgad

Elchanan Orgad (Elchi) is a M.A. student in clinical psychology at Riechman university. Working on his thesis regarding massage therapy and it's behavioral and biological effects on improving cognitive development and well-being of premature mice, using a premature birth mice model. This thesis is a colaboration with our lab and Prof. Ruth Feldman of Riechman University. 

Elchi began his work in the lab while completeing his B.A. and studied aspects of anxiety and depression in collaboration with Prof. Moshe Rehavi of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine in Tel Aviv University. In Addition, he assisted in developing the premature birth mice model. 

Alexandra (Sasha) Ariev

Alexandra (Sasha) Ariev

Alexandra has a bachelor's degree in medical laboratory sciences (B. Med. Lab. Sc.). Currently, she is a master's student in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Alexandra studies biomedical sciences with an emphasis on neurobiology. Her research is done in our lab and is about the biological mechanism of the herb Uncaria rhynchophylla, which we test as a candidate to shorten the effect of antidepressant medications as SSRIs.

leah ellenbogen

Leah Ellenbogen

M.A. Neurobiology in Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Open University Of Israel.
Started at the lab as a student for the research seminar course offered to students at the Open University and participated in a study on Alzheimer's disease. Then joined the team as a research assistant to support ongoing projects in the lab.​ 


Noa Yemini

M.A Experimental Psychology Student at The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem in collaboration with Prof. Raz Yirmiya. Has a B.A in Psychology from the Open University.  

Research Assistants