The New Muslim Preachers (al-Du'aa al-Judud) Preaching in the Age of Globalization

Shosh Ben-Ari

Preaching Islam has always attracted the attention of individuals and states, both Muslim and non-Muslim. This interest became significantly greater following the events of September 11 in the United States, and researchers now, more than ever, focus on the ways in which religious leaders spread their beliefs. This article will attempt to shed light on the activities of the New Preachers who target those who are already Muslim, where there is no intention to convert them but rather to strengthen their ties to Islam, and bring them back to the faith if they have gone astray. Deeper familiarity with the preachers and their methods will help us to understand the vast numbers of their followers in the age of globalization, against the background of recent events in the Middle East (The Arab Spring).