Forum with Environmental Leaders in Local Government (ELLG), 5.9.2023:

An academic forum with environmental and sustainability leaders in the local government aims to formulate a research agenda based on applied needs, through consultations with decision makers in the local government and the sharing of professional and research knowledge.

The following events took place at the second forum meeting:
  • Dr. Benny First's lecture on "The Nambi phenomenon (not in the courtyards) and how to deal with it in urban planning processes" was delivered.
  • A discussion was held under the guidance of Dr. Shula Golden on the topic "Involvement and the role of the public in the formulation and implementation of urban environmental policy".
  • In addition, a review on the shading of the urban space was presented and an open discussion was held between the participants.
Alongside these, an open discussion round table was held between the participants where the challenges in the fields of environment and sustainability were presented, work interfaces between the local government and academia, the need for research and future applied programming were discussed.