Call for Proposals - The Humanities and Social Sciences in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The DHSS Hub invites you to submit proposals for our first annual conference. The conference will take place on September 8th, 2024 at the Open University of Israel, and will be followed by three days of summer school (Sept 9-11 2024). This year the conference will focus on "The Humanities and Social Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence."  

In the past year, artificial intelligence has made a significant impact worldwide, with AI systems like ChatGPT widely recognized and used by many. This AI revolution has also reached the humanities and social sciences, raising important questions about its role and effects in these fields.

Is artificial intelligence merely a tool for analyzing big data and revealing hidden patterns, or is it a sophisticated research assistant capable of aiding in source gathering, article summarization, editing, and more? While the answer remains uncertain, many researchers are actively exploring how AI can enhance research practices, whether by analyzing subjects, reevaluating research disputes, or developing specialized AI tools for these disciplines.

The conference will delve into various topics, including research that integrates AI for data, textual, or image analysis, the development of AI tools tailored for the humanities and social sciences, and critical examinations of AI's place in these fields. Join us as we explore the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence and the humanities and social sciences.

Types of Submissions

We invite researchers to submit proposals in three categories: Individual paper, a panel or a round table.

Individual paper

Individual papers will be assigned to panels based on shared research topics. 

Fill out the online form, including an abstract of 250 words.


A panel will consist of 3-4 participants with diverse academic affiliations, and a chairperson.

Fill out the online form, including an abstract of up to 500 words on the panel and abstracts of 250 words for each of the papers.

Round Table

A round table will consist of 4-6 participants with diverse academic affiliations and an active moderator.

Fill out the online form, including an abstract of 500 words on the topic as well as details on the participants.


The deadline for submission of proposals: May 10st, 2024.

For questions, you are welcome to contact us:


Conference Committee

Daphna Kenig

Gilad Gutman

Prof. Gadi Sagiv

Prof. Adia Mendelson Maoz