The Open University Gallery is a non-profit art gallery committed to exhibiting Israeli art of the highest quality. Its exhibitions bring together prominent and budding artists, in often surprising and innovative contexts. The gallery is located at the OUI headquarters in Ra’anana, a busy hub of academic and administrative activity, which also hosts a variety of cultural events open to the public. The gallery’s open space connects the OUI’s main auditoriums, thus serving the large audiences frequenting the various cultural events taking place on campus on a weekly basis. As a consequence of its unique position within the campus, thousands of visitors are exposed to the gallery’s art exhibitions.
As of October 2022, the gallery operates under the auspices of the DHSS Hub. It now focuses on Israeli media art in particular, fostering collaborations between art and academia. Future exhibitions will address issues of AI and art, art in virtual reality, algorithmic art, and a variety of related themes pertaining to the interface between art, science, and technology. The OUI’s DHSS Hub is best poised to support Israeli artists in exploring these exciting frontiers

For bi-lingual catalogues of former exhibitions see

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper / Tom Porat

Exhibition catalog

Green Room

Green Room / Loukia Alavanou

Exhibition catalog