Our Mission

The rapid evolution of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences brings major transformations in the ways research is conducted in these fields. This requires scholars to adapt to new and unfamiliar methodologies as well as to replace the image of the professor who sits alone and writes with the image of a research group working in collaboration.
The DHSS Hub facilitates a research environment where teams of scholars from different fields, the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Computer Science, work together to integrate digital technologies into the research.
We wish to increase awareness and understanding of Digital Humanities and Social Science in the academic world at large. Furthermore, we strive to enlarge the community by bringing to it both senior scholars as well as by educating students at an early stage as to the digital developments in the fields of liberal arts.  
It is our belief that the use of digital methodologies can contribute to any research, to assist in expanding and enriching interpretations as well as in grounding intuitions in nuanced observations of one’s research materials.
If you are interested in consultation regarding computational methodologies and tools, you are welcomed to contact us: dhsshub@openu.ac.il 

Our Legacy

The DHSS Hub continues and expands the Open Media and Information Lab (OMILab), which was established by Prof. Oren Soffer (1971-2020), a member of the lab’s management team and one of its leading researchers.
Oren was a true visionary, and OMILab was the realization of his dream of introducing social science students to cutting-edge digital research tools. Oren's areas of research were media theory, media history, and digital communication. In recent years, he analyzed the nineteenth-century Jewish press using digital tools. His research spanned different historical eras, methodological approaches, and disciplines. As a researcher, a manager, and especially as a colleague, Oren is greatly missed. We are continuing his work through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, and by strengthening the link between research and teaching at the Open University.