Daphna Kenig

Daphna Kenig is the DHSS Hub director. She works with other members to shape the vision and strategic plan of the Hub. She is also responsible for managing various projects and overseeing personnel, budget, grants, research, and technologies. One of her primary objectives is to foster strong connections and partnerships, both locally and globally. By building relationships with academic and nonacademic institutions, she hopes to create a vibrant network that will facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Before establishing the DHSS Hub, Daphna was the digital learning and instructional design manager at the Open University. Prior to that role, she worked in various technology companies where she managed large-scale teams, projects, and programs.

Daphna holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, an MBA from Tel Aviv University, and an MA in Technology and Education, also from TAU. She is currently pursuing her doctorate at the Open University. Her research focuses on collaboration and leadership between schools in promoting systemic digital changes.