Prof. Anat Ben-David

Anat Ben-David is an associate professor of communication at the OUI. With a keen focus on the convergence of science and technology studies (STS) and new media, her research delves into the intricate interplay between digital platforms, politics, and the construction of knowledge. In particular, her research hones in on the multifaceted dynamics of web archives and other mechanisms that shape the web's past(s).

  Ben-David's research interests include new media and digital culture; archival practices and web preservation; social media, politics, and public memory; socio-cultural implications of emerging technologies; digital and computational methods; and privacy and digital surveillance.

Selected Publications:

Neiger, M., Meyers, O., & Ben-David, A. (2023). Tweeting the Holocaust: Social Media Discourse between Reverence, Exploitation, and Simulacra. Journal of Communication, jqad010.

Ratner, Y., Dvir Gvirsman, S., & Ben-David, A. (2023). “Saving Journalism from Facebook's Death Grip"? The Implications of Content-Recommendation Platforms on Publishers and Their Audiences. Digital Journalism.

Ben-David, A. (2020). Counter-archiving Facebook. European Journal of Communication, 35(3), 249–264.