Prof. Menachem Katz

Prof. Menachem Katz, a scholar in Talmudic literature, is noted for his work on the Jerusalem Talmud and digital humanities. He is recognized for producing the first critical edition of a tractate of the Jerusalem Talmud and initiating the first full critical digital edition of a rabbinic work.

Prof. Katz served as Academic Director of the Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society Hachi Garsinan Babylonian Talmud Variants website. In addition to shaping the sophisticated site, he published numerous introductory papers for the textual witnesses of the Babylonian Talmud, which include prints, full manuscripts, bindings and Genizah fragments. These are available on the FJMS website.

In 2008, Prof. Katz published an updated version of HaYerushalmi Kifshuto by S. Lieberman. His 2016 publication of the critical edition of Jerusalem Talmud Tractate Qiddushin represents an important contribution to the field. He is currently engaged in digital editions of the Jerusalem Talmud's tractates Yevamot and Gittin, funded by grants from the Israel Science Foundation (1717/19 and 1295/22),