CATMA – Computer Assisted Text Markup and Analysis

CATMA is an open online platform that provides tools for the quantitative analysis of texts, enabling scholars to glean interpretative insights for their research. With CATMA you can tailor tags freely to the needs of your own work, constructing multiple sub-hierarchies and applying them easily to large corpora. Moreover, CATMA has various search options, graphs, and visualizations that enable researchers to locate hidden patterns and implicit layers of meaning.
Whether you are a literary scholar, a historian, a sociologist or incorporating texts into your research in any field, CATMA can be of service to you. Its user-friendly interface makes it the ideal tool for researchers new to the field of digital humanities.  
To expand the options of CATMA, a team of researchers at the Open University, led by Ophir Müntz-Manor has developed vis-A-vis, an online platform that connects with CATMA and provides more ways to analyze and visualize the data of the text annotations.    

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