Phoneme Aligner

The Phoneme Aligner is a tool developed specifically for linguists specializing in Hebrew.
Phoneme Aligner analyzes audio files of natural speech and aligns the phonemes in a text file.
The tool is an adaptation of EasyAlign, a plugin (extension) for Praat software, a highly effective tool for phonetic and phonological research.
Although Phoneme Aligner does not achieve 100% accuracy yet, it drastically reduces manual labor, serving as a boost for researchers as well as students. Phoneme Aligner makes it possible to research large corpora with only minimal corrections to the data.
  • Reduces manual labor
  • Allows you to research large corpora
  • User-friendly and easy to install  

We invite you to download the installation kit and use this tool for your research.
Before installation, make sure that Praat is closed. 
After installation, a new option, EasyAlign, will appear on the Praat Objects menu, below the Quit option. 
The research and development of the tool was done by Dr. Vered Silber-Varod, together with Evyatar Cohen.
GitHub repository
Kit and code
Download kit: EasyAlignWithHebrew.exe
You can also use this short video user guide (in English) and in Hebrew

J.-Ph. Goldman, EasyAlign: an automatic phonetic alignment tool under Praat. Proceedings of InterSpeech, September 2011, Firenze, Italy. 
Silber-Varod, V., Cohen, E.-G., Cohen E., Strull, I., & Aharonson, V. (Pre-print), Towards a Public Segment Catalogue of Spoken Hebrew.