The Open University Institute for Policy Analysis is an interdisciplinary research center. Its goal is to advance the study of subjects and issues - theoretical, empirical and applied - associated with the interrelationships between policy formation and implementation, and social, political and economic processes and mechanisms. The theoretically informed examination of these relationships can produce new knowledge with potential practical benefits for policy makers and for society. For instance, one major facet of policy formulation and implementation to be explored is the institutional interface of models of governance, the state, civil society, and international organizations. These complex configurations of relationships fundamentally affect policy formation and implementation in many different domains, such as education, labor relations, macroeconomic management, mechanisms of intergenerational transfers, welfare, environment protection, military-civil relations, etc. The Institute encourages studies on these topics that focus on the Israeli case and also on other cases, comparative studies, and studies that explore the international and global dimensions of policy formation and implementation. In order to provide a vital research environment to scholars from different disciplines, the Institute organizes international and local seminars and conferences, publishes a series of working papers, and provides research assistance to its members.