By definition, universities are instrumental in creating and disseminating knowledge in every sphere of learning, for the benefit of society. Thus, research is at the heart of the academic endeavor at the Open University and plays a pivotal role in maintaining high levels of course development and teaching. The continual involvement of faculty members in their fields of research ensures that the courses and study programs they develop reflect an accurate and updated perspective. The university strives to recruit and support faculty members with the strongest possible research capabilities.
Faculty members at the OUI are involved in research covering a broad range of fields in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and the exact sciences. They work independently or in cooperation with faculty members from other universities in Israel and abroad, and exercise complete freedom in their professional decisions. Many have won international recognition and are considered leaders in their research areas. Open University researchers win grants from competitive local and international funds. Research outputs are disseminated to the scientific community via conference presentations, scientific publications and, where applicable, patents, with the aim of transmitting scientific knowledge that benefits the academic community and enhances Israel's development.

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חיפוש חופשי

Dr. adi amit
Dept. of Education and Psychology  |  09-7781473

Discipline: Social Sciences
        Sub-discipline: Business Administration / Management

Key words: Desicion making, Intergroup conflict, Intragroup conflict, Negotiations

Prof. anat barnea
Dept. of Natural Sciences  |  09-7781753

Discipline: Life Sciences
        Sub-discipline: , Zoology

Key words: Behavioral neurobiology, Urban ecology Light pollution

Dr. anat ben david
Dept. of Sociology, Political Science and Communication  |  09-7781147

Discipline: Social Sciences
        Sub-discipline: Communication , Media , New Media

Key words: Internet, Society and Politics, Web Science, Internet History, Web History, Social Media, Social Networking Software, Digital Methods

Dr. anat lerner
Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science  |  09-7781251

Discipline: Exact Sciences
        Sub-discipline: Computer Science

Key words: Combinatorial auctions, Game theory, Speech analysis, Acoustic features, Wireless networks