Department of Education and Psychology, Department of Management and Economics
The behavioral laboratory is a joint collaboration that serves the research of the faculty members in the Department of Education and Psychology and the Department of Management and Economics.

The faculty members from the field of psychology carry out research in the areas of cognitive psychology, social psychology, intercultural psychology, developmental psychology and neuropsychology. Thus, for example, visual perception processes, attention and memory, decision making, language and emotions are researched. In the field of education, the faculty members carry out studies in the areas of learning disorders, use of technologies in education, educational leadership and more.

Faculty members in management and economics deal with a wide variety of research branches, such as game theory, gender, computer-mediated communication, strategy, and marketing.
In the laboratory studies are carried out using various different platforms such as questionnaires, time-reaction dependent tests, tests involving movement, group dynamics and more. The research population consists of students and the general public.

All the experiments carried out in the laboratory receive approval of the departmental ethics committees for trials involving humans.  

The research activity takes place in an independent laboratory, located at 43 Brodetsky St., Tel Aviv.