Chemical processes in the sea directly and strongly affect the composition of the atmosphere, the Earth’s climate and the ability and suitability of various organisms (including humans) to live on Earth.

Dr. Eyal Wurgaft’s laboratory concentrates on researching the marine carbon cycle. This cycle is closely connected to the carbon cycle in the atmosphere, and therefore is particularly relevant to the increase in concentrations of hothouse gases in the atmosphere and the climate changes that it creates.

The researchers in Dr. Wurgaft’s laboratory focus on quantifying the influence of chemical and biological processes on the ocean’s ability to continue to absorb surplus carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and researching chemistry-based engineering solutions for reducing hothouse gas emissions from power stations.
The research activity takes place in the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Hebrew University, in the Geological Survey of Israel, and in Dr. Ittai Gavrieli's laboratory.

Dr. Eyal Wurgaft