Dr. Shir Landau Feibish’s research group deals with developing technologies to manage and monitor communication networks in general and the internet in particular.

Many problems in the internet can be identified by analyzing the traffic and identifying irregularities in the characteristics of the traffic. However, the quantity of traffic in the network is immense and complex and therefore there is a need to develop fast and effective mechanisms capable of locating these phenomena. We develop systems that analyze the traffic in real time, and locate anomalies in order to effectively identify problems and attacks throughout the network. Developing these systems enables the network managers to maintain sound activity of the network.

The group, which includes students and researchers, deal with different kinds of networks but focus mainly on programmable networks.

The solutions that we create for these networks include building effective data structures, suited to the hardware capabilities of the programmable components.

For the purpose of carrying out advanced experiments in these networks, we established a designated laboratory in the Open University campus in Haifa port. The laboratory includes programmable hardware components, such as routers and smart network cards and designated routers to create high-speed traffic. This laboratory is one of a handful in Israel that works with programmable network components. The laboratory enables students a unique experience of work on hardware of this kind, and also creates fruitful ground for collaboration with leading researchers in Israel and worldwide.

The research activity takes place in an independent laboratory, located in the Open University’s port campus in Haifa.

Dr. Shir Landau Feibish
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