Congratulations to the 7 OUI researchers who won 9 ISF grants in the different competative grant ISF programs. 

Personal research grants

  • Dr. Tal Moran from the Depratment for Education and Psychology, for her research titled: "Changing automatic evaluations using brief propositional information: New versus existing automatic evaluations"
  • Dr. Paz Beniamini from  the Department of Natural Sciences, for his research titled: " Illuminating GRB jet structures and their implications"
  • Prof. Anat Barnea from the Department of Natural Sciences, for her research titled: "How are brain plasticity, behavior, and melatonin in birds influenced by artificial light at night?"
  • Prof. Avriel Bar-Levav from the Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies, for his research titled: "Towards an ecology of Jewish printed broadsheets: Reclaiming the place of a neglected early modern printed textual object"
  • Dr. Itamar Radai from the Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies, together with a researcher from Tel-Hai Academic College, for their reserach titled: "Colonial Diaries: Government Officials and the Socio-Cultural History of Mandate Palestine"
  • Prof. Anat Ben-David, from the Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication, together with researchers from Bar-Ilan University and Haifa University, for their research titled: "Exploitative Memory: The Trivialization and Platformization of Holocaust Remembrance on Social Media"
  • Dr. Dani Szpruch, from the Departmemt of Mathematics and Computer Science, together with a researcher from Ben Gurion University,  for their research titled: "Whittaker functor for covering groups and related problems"

Equipment grant

  • Dr. Paz Beniamini from  the Department of Natural Sciences for "Super computational resources for performing hydrodynamical and magnetohydrodynamical simulations of relativistic astrophysical fluids"

Workshop grant

  • Prof. Avriel Bar-Levav from the Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies for a workshop titled: "The Role of Broadsheets in Jewish Ritualistic and Cultural Space in the Early Modern Period"

Best of luck to all the recipients.