The Ph.D. Program in Education: Technologies in Learning Systems aims to make a profound impact on the realm of education by cultivating adept researchers capable of undertaking independent academic inquiry and producing scholarly work of the highest caliber. Our primary objective is to improve the landscape of learning and instructional methodologies across diverse domains.

This program caters to a discerning cohort of exceptionally qualified candidates, providing them a platform to explore the evolution of inventive pedagogical tools and the implementation of pioneering techniques that seamlessly integrate technology to advance learning and instruction.

Central to our program's ethos is the cultivation of intellectual leadership among academics and professionals at the vanguard of their fields. In doing so, we empower both the Israeli society and the global community to harness the potential of learning technologies and effectively address the challenges that invariably accompany these advancements.

The faculty of the program exhibits a rich tapestry of research accomplishments and a wealth of experience in mentoring researchers. Complemented by a robust suite of research and development resources, the program provides a fertile ground for immersing students in topics at the forefront of the discipline.

Our Ph.D. program brings together eminent researchers from diverse disciplines, fostering an environment where future doctoral students can not only study but also engage in innovative, cross-disciplinary research.

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Dr. Sagit Zilberberg (Ph.D)
Ph.D program in Education & Learning Technology System Manager